I finally made it to the good ol’ Grand Canyon. (An over 2 million year old natural wonder of the world)…AMAZING!

It was definitely a destination in my travel bucket-list. A 7-hour road trip from LA and it was totally worth it. Loved driving through the dessert and seeing the sunset, as I arrived.

When I got to the South rim, I experienced the upmost breath-taking views. If you glimpse down, you’ll definitely feel those chills! Somehow, I became kinda bold and was sitting ALMOST near the edge – and that’s as far as I’d go!

The rocks were glistening with vibrant reddish-purple tones. I straightaway felt this calm and free-feeling energy all around and within me. It’s rare for me to feel extremely calm, being a girl from the city!

I have to add, being a fan of Britney Spears, the scene also reminded me of Britney’s “Not yet a woman” music video. Plus, I was wearing flared jeans one of the days!…

Oh and I encountered the cutest elk ever!



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