I’m all about working from the basics up!

I would first and foremost, advice to have your staple black leather jacket in your wardrobe before adventuring to another color. The next best thing, is getting a neutral leather jacket – like a beige or something in the tan tones.

Now, you also have to invest in that adventurous ‘bold-statement’ leather jacket. I’m talking red, yellow, silver, embroidered, studded, something that just pops.

Especially for Spring, Summer and festival seasons – A yellow leather jacket, for example, would compliment a floral dress or jumper so much more than a black leather jacket. Not to say a black leather jacket wouldn’t look good with it – It would just be more fun, self-brightening and a refreshing change from the traditional.

Another way to pair up a bright colored leather jacket, is wearing something basic or black (that go-to color we all love) it’ll just catch the eye and make it that much more striking.

Those are the top 3 leather jackets, that every girl should have in their wardrobe. A basic, neutral and wild one!

Here are some kick-ass leather jackets that are worth the investment:


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