As we know it, trends go in cycles. Though, I must say, Mules are here to stay.

Mules have been popping up in past seasons by all sorts of designers, and now have become a shoe must have!

They come in a variety of styles: open-toe, closed-toe, flats, casual, and heels. Personally, I’ve always had an obsession with pointy-toe shape shoes and I’m so glad there are lots of mules in this style. They also match well, quintessentially, with every outfit.

My favorite shoe in my closet right now are these babies: Seychelles Mules. I can’t put into words how head-over-heels I am for these shoes. One of my best online-buying gems. They’re super comfy and so easy to slip on. Yet, they make an outfit look so spot on with their classic-edgy flair. Love, love, love it.

Shop My Picks | Mules:


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