A black and white combo, is always classic and an outfit staple for me.

When we think of Summer, we typically think more pop of colors. This is so right! Although, black and white can also be part of your Summer tones, especially when you’re in doubt or just want to keep it simple. It’s a style that…well, never goes out of style! (and I can’t say that last line without singing it).

I put together 3 Black and White Summer combo ideas – the best part of these looks is that they can be worn both day & night.

Look 1:
Similar Faux Black Leather Shorts
Similar White Lace Up Top
Similar White Mules 

Look 2:
Similar Black Faux Leather Skirt
Similar Black & White Striped Top 

Look 3:
Similar Black and White Shorts
Asos Black V-Neck Top
Similar Black Faux Leather Choker
Seychelles Black Mules

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