Summer time has been so good lately and it just got even better with the latest trend…the denim skirt.

Ladies, gotta say, it’s a piece to add to your wardrobe! Although, denim shorts are my go-to and probably yours too, I’ve been finding myself having a little love affair with the denim skirt. It’s good to change it up! There’s just something about a denim skirt that we keep coming back to and glad to see it back!

There are all sorts of types: tight ones, flared ones, short or long ones, in vintage style dark denim, or beautiful white denim. Take a look at my top 7 Denim Skirt Favorites!


From left to right:

1. VintageĀ Denim Pencil Skirt

2. Cut off Denim Skirt

3. Dark Denim Skirt

4. Pencil Denim Short Skirt

5. Flared Denim Skirt

6. Distressed Denim Skirt

7. Similar Skirt I’m Wearing

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