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Bath time is the best time, am I RIGHT!? Ohh yea!…One things for sure, it just got even better!

This Sunday evening I took a much needed bath and I really wanted to pamper myself to the most relaxing bath ever. I got to try out the Beauty by Earth bath bombs and facial cleanser on this trip to my bath, and I couldn’t be more more refreshed, relaxed, naturally and organically cleansed, and oh-so inspired!

I just had to share with you my relaxing bath experience that I think you all would absolute LOVE!

These are my 5 essentials for the most relaxing bath ever!

1. Candles. This ones a must. I began by lighting up my space around the steaming warm water to give it that therapeutical feel we all kinda need at times.

2. Beauty by Earth Bath-Bombs. My my my…These bath bombs were bomb! What I love about these is that each bath bomb has a name with a little description of what you’re bound to experience. I tried the ‘Just Relax’ and ‘Relaxing Detox.’ They truly soak away any stress you may experience. My body felt as calm as earth’s nature. Loved it!

3. Beauty by Earth Facial Scrub. I gave myself a little facial scrub massage when I was soaking in my bath. It gently cleans and exfoliates at the same time, leaving my skin feeling and looking positively radiant. This facial scrub is perfect for all skin types, including oily, acne prone, sensitive, dry, mature, and normal…its peppermint and orange scent is perfect for everyone. For my vegans, Beauty by Earth is a cruelty free brand! This facial scrub is the perfect solution for all your skincare woes and it was the perfect beauty touch to my bath time!

4. Flowers. I picked up a bouquet of flowers and sprinkled them into my bath right after I dunked my bath bombs in to the hot water. Because my bath bombs were all about being all natural, organic and nature-like…I had to add the cherry on top, flowers!  They made the experience so much more beautiful and natural.

5. Music. I mean, what is bath time without a little music? I played some calming and nature sounds to get me even more in the zone. The music made my experience so enjoyable and gave it that real spa feel!

My bath time was by far the most relaxing and inspiring experience yet. I literally didn’t want to leave my bath. I could’ve stayed in there for days! It was certainly a Sunday kinda treat and a fun little DIY best spa time ever!

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