Wearing: Chanel Chain Around Flap Quilted.

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Why are designer bags so dreamy yet so expensive!?…Says, almost every gal!

Well, this dream can very well be a reality and even budget friendly (I’ll explain). Owning a designer bag is like getting a new car (well not as expensive or much of a need but a big step and purchase in your life). It gives you a sense of independence and I worked hard for my designer bag type of feeling! Even if it’s a gift from someone special, that person may also feel those same feelings getting it for you! Whatever it is, it’s a happy feeling!

If your investing in your designer bag for the very first time, or it’s your third time, or perhaps multiple times…you’ll find some good insight! These are my 3 simple tips on how to invest in a designer bag.

1. Keep it classic. We see so many different types of looks from bright colors to studs, patterns, and diamond details on designer bags (to name a few). We also see so many different sizes from large to extra small. They’re all so AMAZING; however, they can go out of style and may not be everyday wearable. You’d want to invest in a handbag that is classic in look, size and color. An every-day color that can be worn with many outfits like black, brown, navy, and white tones. A small to medium handbag that is comfortable to travel in and perfect enough to fit your daily essentials. Something that will quintessentially never go out of style and will last you a very long time – after all, you’re giving away a lot of Benjamins for it! This goes especially for the first time designer buyer or you also may be purchasing your fifth designer bag but looking to get a different designer favorite, so this applies as well. Not to say to not do something wild like pink, yellow or some sort of graphic on the bag – I would recommend that after a few designer purchases or if you just can! That would be more like the extra BONUS to add to your closet once you’ve covered some basics!

2. Authenticity. This applies if you’re purchasing through another source that’s not directly through the designer store. Make sure the bag has a serial number. You can check with the company to see if it’s a real serial number, just to be sure! Make sure the color is actually a color made by the designer. Don’t be shy to ask for extra pictures to make sure it’s the real deal! To save yourself any handbag trouble, research the seller and make sure they have good reviews!

3. Finance. There are some designer online shops that will offer a solution to your finances! In other words, a payment plan! Oh yes! You heard right. At least one of my favorite online designer shops do…Ready? Brace yourselves…introducing Trendlee. This online shop has all the designers you can think of and a great selection. Bonus is that they also have the option for payment plan, which is great for those of you who don’t want to release a bundle of dinero in one hit, rather have the option to break down the dollars in a given period of time!

Lastly, I wanted to give some designer handbag love to ya! My friends over at Trendlee gave me a 5% discount code to offer you all! Woot woot! Discount code: BEATRIZ on any designer bag you get through their shop!

I hope these 3 simple tips will help you find the bag of your dream! xx

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