Wearing Dress (under $20) by SheIn

With every outfit, comes a feeling…On this very day, wearing my cute little boho dress from SheIn, I got all the right feelings!

I had so much fun on this shoot. I really let the boho in me go free and dance-y.  I’m not sure if it was the outfit combo or my excitement for my favorite season Fall or possibly both!…I just couldn’t stop dancing and felt so bohemian rhapsody wandering around the Arts District in the city of Downtown LA. An outfit can really make a girl feel.

Boho dresses have such a comfortable flair yet they’re so chic and sexy – especially when paired with over-the-knee-boots. Best part of it all, you can find some nice boho dresses for super affordable prices in both designer and budget friendly brands. Ladies, I think this is one to add to your wardrobe for the new season!

I decided to put together 5 dress styles to inspire you in your online wandering for that perfect boho dress!

From left to Right:

1. Pattern Boho Dress (worn by me in images)

2. Off-the-Shoulder Boho Dress

3. Parisian Boho Dress

4. Black Lace Boho Dress

5. Gypsy Boho Dress

6. Ruffle Tassle Boho Dress

7. Maxi Boho Dress

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