It’s starting to slowly but surely feel like Fall here in Cali!

I was immensely thrilled last night because I was able to hear the leaves falling from the trees outside my balcony (oh the little things!). There was also a howling wind situation happening (kinda scary!). Tho, I have to admit, I loved it! It’s just plain’0 different from our sunshine days! Lets face it tho, we still get glimpses of Sunny love in Cali for our Fall and Winter seasons. Ok, enough with the bipolar weather.

As much as we love Fall, our skin starts to naturally get pale, dryer, and our sun kiss begins to disappear. So I decided to share some bronzed products I’ve been using and absolutely loving that I think you’ll love just as well that will help keep your glow going even through gloomier days…Don’t let that body glow go gloomy!

These are my skin product glowing essentials, as seen in the pic:

1. Kopari Coconut Body Glow

2. Mac Mineralize SkinFinish

3. L’oreal Sublime Bronze

4. Gleam Body Radiance

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