So much fun I had at my first Simply Stylist event in Los Angeles!

It was so refreshing to talk all things beauty with a group of inspiring fashionistas, beauty lovers, and beauties Jamie Chung and Dawn McCoy.

What better way to strike up a beauty conversation and learn a few tips and tricks with people who inspire and love what they do, with mimosas and my absolute fav Acai on a coconut from Amaze-Bowls!? Yep! It doesn’t get any better, was simply AMAZING, and super refreshing! I think sometimes we all need that. Most importantly, I walked away with many beauty tips learned at the Simply Stylist event and I will be sharing 3 of my favorite that stood out to me most!

Tip 1: Confidence and Do What You Love.

Sometimes we get caught up in the midst of things that we forget the treasure in confidence. To stop yourself for a sec and acknowledge that confidence is the number one tip of all beauty tips, is the major key to the treasure. It is what I think everyone should strive to be because that is beauty at it’s best! Plus, to do what you love, gleams right through you and gives off all the right vibes. It is connected to happiness which is also another beauty treasure. Dawn McCoy had some inspiring words on this tip – and I loved it!

Tip 2: Buns and Selfies.

I learned to make one heck of a hair bun a la Jamie Chung! Sometimes the things that appear to be easy can kinda be hard! Making the perfect hair bun on the go was something useful for me. I typically can get a great bun but I have my off-days like everyone else! To give you a quick hair bun 101 – Jamie started by throwing  her hair forward grabbing it up in a super high pony, gave it a lil twist (something new I didn’t do before), then used a hair tie to wrap around the bun and holding it while pinching out some hair – walllahh – a simple cute bun! Now on the selfie tip, all I gotta say, Dawn McCoy takes the best selfies hands down! Girl has got it down. She taught us that using some pretty skin bronzers to glow up the cheek bones, nose, forehead areas and a pop of lip color makes a whole lot of a difference. Adjusting your backdrop to compliment the selfie is another pointer. Lastly, some pretty filters! It can add that extra something to your selfie, why not!

Tip 3: Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant.

You guys, I am loving this new product by Dove that goes on instantly dry that was introduced to at the Simply Stylist event! Yes our favorite part of getting glamoured is the makeup part, but, this is another beauty must we mustn’t forget when getting ready! This is typically my finishing touch when I get ready. Have to say, I have tried several different types of deodorants before and I either didn’t like the feeling of applying it or the fact that it stained my tops. I’ve been trying Dove’s Revive spray and love how it goes on perfectly, doesn’t stain, and lasts for 48 hours! Bonus: It also cares for my skin.

p.s – I did not plan on matching the blue and white dove colors with my blue denim jeans and white top!! I was all a coincidence and a natural attraction, I guess you can say! 🙂

p.s.s – If you try out the new line of Dove’s antiperspirant, would love to hear what you think and what fragrance is your favorite!


This post was sponsored by Simply Stylist and all thoughts are my own

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