I like my blazers real chic and casual!

When we think blazers, we often think of the ‘business as usual’ looks. This piece is absolutely business classic yet has morphed into a casual twist. I love how I can wear my navy blazer casually out and about. I styled it with leather pants, a tee, and over the knee boots. You get all the causal chic vibes pairing a classic blazer with casual favorite pieces for both outside and in the work place.

Other ways to pair up a blazer are with denim blue jeans, all white skinny pants or flared, and a chic jumper or overalls. It’s another perfect layer for there Fall!

Shop some blazer favorites I put together (including mine):

1. My Navy Blazer by Make Me Chic

2. Blaque Label Easy Blazer

3. Campbell Blazer

4. Olivia Moon Blazer

5. Kensie Velvet Blazer

6. Topshop Gold Button Blazer


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