Ooh la laaa! 3 not-so-words to describe my adoration for these precious stones from Chloe + Isabel at The Jeweled Peanut.

A little about this gem of a shop – It is a jewelry + lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering women everywhere. All of their high-quality pieces are exclusively designed in their NYC studio. They are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and lead safe. Chloe stands for the trendy fashionista and Isabel for the classic beauty. Together (Chloe-Bel), you get a bit of both!

Both pieces I’m wearing are from the Modern Muses Fall collection.

The three stone layered necklace is simplicity at it’s best yet so bold! It stands out in a simplistic kind of way and has such a classic fashion statement to it. I especially love to wear this gem with a v-shape top or dress. It elegantly sits on the neck and chest to compliment your fall looks.

The fall tones of the bracelete’s stones couldn’t be any more perfecto! It dazzles effortlessly on the wrist and that’s what muses me to it. It’s a perfect combo with the necklace. Such unique and stunning jewelry to wear around the cozy autumn season.

When you make your purchase from Chloe + Isabel at The Jeweled Peanut shop: here – you will be entered into a raffle to win your choice of statement bracelet free.

A few other dazzling special events going on now are:

*You get a choice of fee gift with purchase of $125+
*$100 jewelry credit when you spend $500
(These are good through the end of the year)

 *Buy 2 get 1 free – good through the 14th
These pieces are just so ooh la la sexy!

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