Happy Birthday to meee – My fiesta in Ojai!

By far, this birthday has been the best one yet!

Wearing: Velvet Romper Dress by Urban Outfitters

I’m typically shy of having parties on my birthdays, it can very possibly be the birthday attention that goes with it – I just so prefer going away on trips! This year I opted for something a little more special and had a party with close friends and family!

We got a beautiful airbnb stay for the weekend in Ojai. Ojai is a serene city up north between Ventura and Santa Barbara, CA. The house we stayed in was placed in between the stunning and silent mountains – a retreat in it’s own! The house had a huge farm, vineyards, hiking trails, jacuzzi, the cutest art and architectural interior decor, and was an overall spacious property with views for days – It was magical!

Wearing: Velvet Romper Dress by Urban Outfitters

We had dinner at a restaurant in the main street called “Azu.” The food was spot on and they worked well with big parties. We were a party of 13 and they were so accommodating and made sure the night went perfectly well!

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I had a catch of a time! There was a lot of dancing, games, laughter, and even had a limbo competition aaand … you guessed right…I won! So much fun on this Bea Day!

Similar Jumpsuit: here and here and here

My cakes were one-hundred percent! One made of vanilla and the other of cheesecake. So pretty and yummy! Thank you Veronica for that gorgeous cake! Oh and have I mentioned how sweet those custom B-Day doughnuts were!? Umm… birthday goals complete!

I loved waking up in the mornings before the shenanigans and breathing in nature and views as I sipped a warm cup of joe. It was literally a retreat and party at the same time!

We stopped by Beacon coffee on our way out, a place with good coffee and cool decor. If you’re in the Ojai area,  I recommend this little gem of a spot. Perfect stop before exiting my weekend of memories.

Having my B-day land on Thanksgiving day this year, I made sure to have the weekend fun a weekend before the actual day. My boyfriend, friends and family truly made it so special! Favorite Birthday as of far! Ojai was also the perfect place!

This little guy made an appearance to wish me a HBD- love my nephew!

Balloons by Urban Outfitters

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