My Monday, it was certainly rolling!

Woke up feeling like a rock star this morning…just kidding!…but I really felt like wearing something a little rock and a little Roll(ing) Stone!

I paired up my rock tee with black (faux) leather tights, a cardigan, booties, and a fringe bag! Had all the right outfit vibes as I ran errands around town and had lunch in Mid City today – comfy, edgy, and so rock chic in my rock tee!

Rock tees are so time-less and always fashionably rock’n!

p.s. – I’m wearing carbon black x neon blue sunnies are from MarsQuest. Use Code: BEATRIZ for 35% off!

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From left to right:

1. Madeworn Rock

2. Blue Rolling Stones

3. Madeworn Yellow Rock

4. Ramones 

5. Thrasher 

6. Guns N Roses

7. Vintage Rolling Stone 

8. Daydreamer Rolling Stone

9. Rolling Stone

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