Mammoth Mountain was just what this LA girl needed!

I went into the Mammoth for a week and it was so good getting in touch with nature, with a little help from my Honns gloves! Kept my hands running wild and free in the cold.

I stayed at the Mammoth Village Lodge, it was so warming and cozy! By day, I would adventure into the wild and take in the views.

One of the best experiences? I got to experience snow falling from skies. I’ve been to the  snow before but had not experience snow sprinkling on me like rain. I was literally dancing in the snow!

One of my go-to eats in Mammoth Village was at the Smoke Yard BBQ and Chop Shop. Of course, it was frrrreezing cold out! These gloves by Honns enabled us to live it up to the fullest! We were able to remove our hands out of our pockets and put our Honns, I mean hands up! They ran wild and free and had us so in touch with nature together! Love that they’re stylish gloves and can be paired nicely with layers, casual or more formal wear. Got the pink for me and black for him!Wait for it…This is the best part – these gloves are phone friendly and I was able to take scenic pics whenever wherever with my gloves on. Honnnns up! Techy gloves to loves!Can’t wait to go back again to the Mammoth!

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