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Can’t believe it’s been my 1 year Blogiversary! Well, a year and month now!

Reflecting back as we near the New Year, I’ve had such an amazing 2016 filled with memorable experiences, awesome opportunities, and challenges I’ve learned from. It’s been quite the journey and couldn’t be any happier that I made the decision to start my own business. It’s simply the greatest feeling to do what you love! Speaking of, I just may be working on a couple surprises and additions to the blog…Can’t wait to share! New Year goals!

Being a girlboss and running my own business is something I love and live for, but…It also means a lot of discipline, time management, and overcoming the challenges that come with it.

In my culture it is so important and a must to make time for the familia. I’m not only talking about the immediate family but also for the tias, the tios, the primos and more! It can be super challenging to balance the big fam bam and being a latina girlboss using my voice on the daily while running my brand. It’s both a gift and a challenge worth overcoming.

Most of my time is spent working from home. When I’m not at home, I’m out shooting and creating, at meetings or events. With all that I’ve learned in the year and the things I hope to accomplish this New Year, I’d like to share my essentials to taking on the day like a pro! These essentials come handy to helping with finding balance, overcoming challenges, and simply getting through the day efficiently.

My top 5 girlboss essentials:


1. Calendar – This is vital! I use my calendar on the daily and on the go. It keeps me organized with due dates, meetings, and all of the above! This is where I schedule my work and personal life responsibilities. I even make a reminder on my calendar to call my mom, something so simple yet so easy to forget when getting caught up with work. All in all, a calendar is something so good to keep you align and lead a successful business and personal life.

2. Advil – Being a girlboss means a lot of time spent behind a computer or phone screen, dusk til’ dawn! Well, ok I’m exaggerating but you get my point, lots of time with technology! This can sometimes cause me major headaches. They can just strike me out of nowhere so it is super important to be prepared for it by keeping some Advil at my work space or in my bag for days like this, it’s major key for the unexpected headache. When I’m faced with this challenge, Advil is my weapon of choice and really really helps me function through the day and continue moving forward with work and personal life! After all, my mom does always say to me when I tell her I have a headache, “Drink lots of water, eat healthy, have some vitamins, and take advil!” For more info, be sure to go here *Among OTC brands. *Use as directed.

3. Water – Lots and lots of H20 to keep hydrated! I always have to have water with me. It’s a healthy choice and try to consume my 8 eight glasses of water a day. It is the oil to the engine.

4. Inspiration – On the days that I’m working from home, sometimes it can drive my vida loca if I don’t make time for something that is not work related. As much as I love what I do, it’s so good to take a little bit time off work and refresh. It’s refreshing to stop at least for 30 minutes and seek a little inspiration. You can seek it through meditation, exercise, reading positive quotes, or by talking with friends and family. I try to use those 30 minutes catching up with my mom or a family member on the phone to get my mind off things and getting inspired through family conversations and cultural roots.


5. On-the-go essentials: When I’m not home, I’m either out in meetings, events, or at shoots. Some of the things you’ll definitely find in my bag are pretty similar to what you’ll find on my desk. Only, I add the following to the bag:

Perfume and odor – You’re out in public meeting people so keep smelling nice! Not overly but perfect enough to make quite the girlboss impression. Argan oil – Keep those hands and skin moisturized, it’s also part of the impression! Eyewear – this blind girl needs to see when driving! If you don’t have this prob, lucky you! Snack – You never know when hunger strikes! Cell phone – I mean, I think we all know how this little thing is everything to’s life!

These are all essentials that will enable me to take on the day like a true girlboss, make my goals into reality, and still make time for the big familia! Helps this busy gal moving forward!

I always find the best Advil selections and know I can always count on Walmart for finding quality.

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