We often hear the saying, “there’s no such thing as perfect.” Well, one things for sure, I do believe in perfect timing.

Today, I’m sharing a little story about the day I experienced ‘perfect timing’ and found love in the city that never sleeps, New York. While there is a much longer version of the story, I’ll just give you the short and sweet version!

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Side note: I have to say, before I found love, I was one of those single people who truly loved solitude and embraced it! Of course, I went through those bad dates but I was always pretty optimistic, hopeful, knew what I was looking for, and actually loved being the third wheel!

Another side note: This may sound cheesy but there was something about the Sex and the City movie (and I wasn’t a big Sex & The City show watcher) that spoke to me in a hopeful kinda way, when I first watched it in the theater! There’s a scene, in particular, where Carrie tries to figure out her assistant’s password to get access to Big’s emails. The password was LOVE and I don’t know why that stood out to me but I started to include that word to my passwords (Which no longer are my passwords! I mean, you gotta change your pw’s every now and then) but that scene, and when Carrie’s assistant (played by Jennifer Hudson) explained that that was her chosen password because she wanted to find love in NY with so much hope, spoke to me in an indescribable way. So as I applied that little code (signaling it to the universe), little did I know, I would also find love in the big apple!

Long story short, we met at this little bar called “Gold Bar” – it was both of our last night in NY (And boy, it’s so crazy thinking back on all the scenes that occurred and people I met along the way to get to this little place). The way the universe played out, I tell ya! By the way, I traveled with two of my cousins and it was also my first time in NY! Although, I do admit, I did have second thoughts about traveling to NY just because I didn’t think I’d like the concrete jungle… but, my my, the moment I arrived and got in a taxi, my head was out the window with love eyes, literally shouting, ” I LOVE NY!!!

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OK, going back to the story – So I spotted him dancing, well not really, just standing and slightly nodding his head to the music. I whispered to my cousin Sandra (major link) that I thought he was cute! The music was so loud, I think she misheard and thought I said “go tell him I think he’s cute.” As she quickly walked away, I followed her over in disbelief and excitement, sure enough they were both trying to communicate over loud music both staring at me while I stood there shy, smiling, and curious about what in the world she was telling him exactly! Suddenly, without hearing a word from my cousin, as the music was loud but he got the clue (which I know now), he immediately turned around and asked my cousin who I was and if she can introduce! Blushing away, he came up to me, introduced himself, we danced the night away and the rest is history!

Oh did I mention that he was from Australia (way down under) and I was from California? Yep! At first we did long distance…then, well, he moved out here…yes, for me! 🙂 I always get giggly and smiley when I say or type those words! Post-the-day-we-met is another story of it’ s own!

It’s beautiful and strange – I sub-consciously knew I was going to find love out there!  That last night, many things happened that could’ve prevented Mikey (that’s his name) and I from meeting! Like my other cousin wanting to leave the bar early to catch some sleep (which she did) but my other cousin and I stayed as we were having too good of a time on our last night! I sensed this kind of magic in me that knew I wasn’t going to leave this city without finding him!

That night was our perfect time. New York City sure did bring the Aussie and this LA girl together.

Wearing: His & Hers Kapten & Son watches xx

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