Sponsored by Zappos, all opinions are my own.

Being an LA city girl twenty-four seven can call for some much-much needed outdoor escapes! Personally, I have the most refreshing ‘me-time’ and unforgettable memories when out and about with nature. Luckily, Los Angeles has mountains not too far to escape to and trails to adventure on.

All I need is a coffee, good accompany, and my Merrell Shoes to create trails with! From picking flowers, breathing earth’s natural air, to walking/running/dancing (I do it all) around the mountains…I just need a good pair of adventure shoes to keep me going. That’s exactly what my ‘Merrell Around Town Mid Lace‘ Shoes did!

These shoes are made with comfort and style in mind. I went from a day in the mountains, traveled an hour north, went shopping, and even attended a fight-night party! I felt cozy and capable of doing all of this in one day because of comfort!

I also love that these shoes are super versatile. I styled them with denim and a cardigan. Made my whole look pop even more by accessorizing a beanie and a fun pair of socks!

I’ve mentioned before that I love shoe shopping at Zappos! This is the site where I got my Merrell shoes. They have a range of styles and their shipping is..the two F’s people love to and fast! My only warning – you will browse away! So many good options! If you like shoes that are cute, comfy, and playful…you can shop them directly: here.

I’m so ready for my next outdoor adventure! Big Sur or Catalina Island?

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