This post is sponsored by Zappos, all opinions are my own.

There’s something about museums…I find so much magic in history and art. With all the holiday excitement and action, I can use a little time off and step out for a day at the museum! Living in LA, I’m happy to have many museum options.

There’s also something about UGG…I can easily slip on my cozy yet stylish UGG boots and step out! Since I got my fresh pair of navy blue UGG boots, I’ve been seriously wearing these babies everywhere!

As we know UGG boots to be super cozy, they also make quite the fashion statement. I paired mine with denim jeans, a tee, faux-fur two-toned jacket, and a newsboy cap. I can still choose stylish everyday pieces and throw on some UGG boots for a fashionably cozy look!

Zappos has many UGG styles to choose from (from my experience, their shipping is always on point, I must say!). I own two pairs of the UGG Classic Mini in colors chestnut and now my new fave, navy blue. I go through different outfit color moods, but I’m really feeling navy blue tones…these shoes indeed sparked it!

My UGG boots really do make exploring museums and places around the city so much more effortless and holiday relaxed!

What’s your favorite UGG style or color? xx

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