I accept the bouquet of roses! Yes yes yes! I’ve been watching too much of The Bachelor!

Roses sure know how to brighten up a day..I can feel the love stemming right through them! Either shopping for roses and flowers or receiving them from a special someone, it’s always a celebration of love! I also love having them around my space any day.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, receiving a beautiful bouquet of roses is equivalent to little girl me excited for “Be My Valentine” cards. I’ll be spending this festive day with Mike. I’m not sure exactly what he has up his sleeve but I suspect he will be taking me to a place where we can paint and drink (I haven’t done that so that would be fun)! One things for sure, I know he will definitely be getting me a bouquet of long stemmed roses (that are half my size almost) to celebrate us! We’re each others favorite humans in this world and roses like these definitely make a statement!

FTD Flowers is offering my followers and readers 20% off! If you’re interested in gifting or treating yourself to some roses (vase also included), you can go here to: FTD Flowers They also have other varieties of flowers and roses.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you all enjoy this day either it be with your gals, pals, yourself, or loved one…celebrate your love this day and every day! xx

This post is sponsored by FTD Flowers. All opinions are my own.

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