This post was sponsored by Gillette Venus as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Having smooth, strong, and moisturized legs gives me a higher level of confidence. When I give my legs the love and care they need, I can feel it! I like to be ready for anything, not matter where I go. Whether I go to the gym, an event, date night, or deciding on what my outfit of the day will be, getting out of my comfort zone and wearing something that shows more skin is easier when my legs are smooth and silky.

I like my legs to be ready for anything and all my Outfit Of The Day’s. They play a big role in my decision making as far as getting out of my comfort zone and putting on something that shows skin.

Seeing more denim shorts and lots of pretty dresses on the racks, especially while spring is on the horizon, excites me. I’m currently preparing for a big Europe trip for the summer and one of my goals is to make sure my legs are shinning!

These are my three tips that have helped me keep my leg game strong and confident:

1. Choosing the right razor. I’ve been using Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Razor for my new leg skincare routine. It’s been leaving my legs flawless and extra smooth! This razor is a beautiful design featuring the brand’s first made-for-women metal handle. It has a strong grip that is better for wet conditions and 360˚ Ribbon of Moisture technology to help it glide nicely to protect your legs. Plus, loving the luxe look to it! I think these are key features for a razor. There’s nothing like smooth legs that are ready to slip into any outfit and go to any destination! It’s amazing to be able to have a dependable Gillette Venus razor that keeps up with my busy lifestyle. Super convenient having my new fave, the Gillette Venus razor, available at Target and

2. Body skin oil. In addition to body lotion or moisturizer, I’ve been applying before the lotion, body skin oil on my legs. It really helps with keeping my skin nourished and hydrated. I’ve seen a difference since I’ve added this to my leg skincare routine. It gives them a nice glow.

3. Take a hike. A good hike is also beneficial to taking care of your legs. I find my legs getting stronger and nicely defined. This is very good for the legs, because you’re using all your leg muscles and you can feel that burn! This is something that has helped me to keep my legs shape.

Hope these three steps will help make your legs shine bright! Don’t forget to pick up the Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Razor at a Target! xx

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