Happy 2019! I’m writing this at 1 a.m, technically already the 1st day of the new year! I rang in the new year with my favorite person – Mike! This is just how I wanted it to be, just the two of us. It’s our first New Years celebrating as just us two, no people around, I love the romance in that. We just got back from a few weeks in Australia and extremely jet lagged! We decided to ditch the party and instead hung out at home! We had hamburgers and beer at our favorite spot for dinner, saw fireworks from our rooftop, I made cookies, Mike made the cocktails, and now watching A Bad Mom’s Christmas – this is really my kinda vibe.

Back to my New Years Resolutions. Normally, I like to keep to myself and just work towards it. However, I’ve realized it’s good to put it out there in the universe as highly acclaimed in the book, “The Secret.” Great book, read it if you haven’t yet! Ok so I’ll stop rambling and share my 5 New Years Resolutions that I hope to get better at!

1. Being Me everyday with everyone 100%. I can fully be me with Mike, my family, close friends and of course you guys through my online platforms. I feel like when it comes to certain people I either already know or just meeting new people (offline), it can be challenging for me to fully be me. It can be many things that come into play like – the other person is not easy going nor friendly, feeling judged, awkward timing/situations, or it can be me just being shy or having an off day…whatever it is, it doesn’t allow me to be fully ME! As confident as I am (one of my favorite characteristics about me), I have my days where I worry about what others think. 90% of my days, I normally don’t care! But, I’m only human and I sometimes have those off days where I care. I need to be more like CardiB! Not give a shit at all about what others think and just be me everyday, with everyone 100% of my days, no matter the circumstance.

2. Read More. My goal is to read 2 books a month. I absolutely love reading! It can sometimes be challenging for me to make time for it. I’ve been squeezing in some reading time at night when my eyes are ready to shut on me, I can barely get through a few pages. I need to allocate some time and reserve an hour of my day for my books, not when my eyes are sleepy!

3. Best Body Yet. I really want to be in the best shape I’ve ever been this year. There’s a big possibility I may have my wedding this year and I really want to look amazing in my dress. My goal would be to have a Britney Spears 2000 (MTV VMA’s performance) body! Healthy and Fit.

4. New Home. As much as I love my apartment and my neighborhood, I am ready for more space and my first home purchase. Mike and I have decided on taking action this year, begin house hunting, and hopefully find our home sweet home this year! Can’t wait for the decor and this whole journey!

5. Expand Live Love Wear It. I absolutely love sharing with all of you my personal experiences, lifestyle, travels, latest skincare and makeup, interior decor, favorites, trends, and outfit inspiration/ideas. I’d love to expand and create something in connection with me and my brand that you will also love! I have some ideas up my sleeve. I want to start action this year and grow Live Love Wear It into something more than a personal blog. I’d like for it to also be a place for you to go to for even more inspiration!

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