Ibiza was the second stop on Mike I’s Euro Summer ’18 trip. We had so much fun here! It was a beautiful island with amazing beaches and food. I’ve put together some beaches, nightlife, and places we ate at that I think you’d love when planning your next trip to Ibiza!

Our first stop for dinner was KM5 which has a restaurant, sushi lounge and bar. It looked like a fashion boutique when we entered, but then we went through the curtains and it turned into a super cool indoor-outdoor setup. The food and drinks were absolutely delicious. It was definitely the perfect start to this trip!

Later that night we went to Heart Ibiza for drinks and of course some dancing! Inside was very upbeat and there was a DJ playing. I had a good time listening to the DJ for a little, but then I needed to go outside to take a break and get a drink. I loved the outdoor area best here, because it had a bar with funky and cool decor. The vibe outside was more chill, which is more my vibe.

The following day we had lunch at Aiyanna, a beautiful restaurant right on the beach on the north side of the island. I absolutely loved the decor here! Upon arriving, it seemed like I walked into a secret beach-it was just breathtaking and so serene. However, it was my first time going to a nude beach and it was definitely interesting. I thought it was great that men and women alike were confident in their bodies and everyone seemed carefree. I did not go nude (I love my bikinis too much!). I also didn’t want to be completely nude with men and children around, however I can understand how others may feel empowered and comfortable.

Later for dinner we went to Cami de Balafia. They had a cute little terrace and amazing food-some of which is cooked in their wood stove! If you are wanting to try a truly rustic Ibizan spot, it’s the perfect place!

On one of the days, we celebrated a good friends birthday.  We rented out a catamaran and brought out some friends and family for the day! This was one of my favorite days, because we were just in the middle of the ocean dancing, sunbathing and drinking. We went for a swim in the water. I was super scared to jump in the water at first, but seeing it was crystal clear and shark-free, made me want to go in. Mike and I jumped in together and it was the most refreshing and daring moment of the trip.

Then we went to the island of Formentera and had lunch at Chezz Gerdi. It was perfect for a big party and was half indoor, half outdoor and had fabulous drinks and Mediterranean food. After the boat ride and lunch we went back to our friend’s villa, which was located in a beautiful, secluded area and hired a chef that made dinner for all of us. It was such a fun experience!

The next day we had lunch at a beach club called Amante. It was actually the sister restaurant to Aiyanna and was just as good! They have fabulous Italian and Spanish food and the view was stunning-it was situated over the beach in between a bunch of cliffs.

The following day we went to El Chiringuito. This was one of my favorite beach clubs and places to eat! They had a large selection of food and the atmosphere was laid back. I got the most amazing spread and a spicy coconut mojito. It was absolutely one of my favorites on this trip!

Another place I absolutely loved was Sunset Ashram. We went there for the day and it was such a fun time. You can bring drinks and just lay out by the beach. They also have an amazing sushi restaurant on the beach which was the best combo-sushi and chilling out by the beach.

We also went to Cipriani, an italian spot in downtown. It’s definitely a pricier restaurant but it was totally worth the treat. It had a romantic setting and a big outdoor lounge where you can dine. It was definitely worth the splurge and a spot to go to for amazing Italian food!

We had an evening dinner at the 7 Pines Resort. The food and the view were unbeatable! It was the best way to end our last day. Our whole group came together, and ate dinner as we watched the sunset. It’s definitely a place to go see when visiting ibiza!

In total we were in Ibiza for about a week. This was one of the destinations where we met up with a big group. It was so much fun partying with friends and family. I especially loved the beaches and food in Ibiza. I wasn’t a big fan of the nightlife here because I love my pop and dance music and Ibiza is very dj based. DJ music can be fun, but after a while I got tired of it. Overall it was such a fun trip-the beaches were amazing and the food was unbeatable! I hope this is a helpful guide for your next trip to Ibiza!


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