Wearing this dress gave me some wedding-day happy feels! It made me feel like I caught a glimpse of my upcoming wedding next year. I’ve been doing some thinking and considering possibly changing into a second look. I’m still not certain if I want to wear my wedding dress all through night (ceremony to reception) or change into something more comfortable yet beautifully chic, like this dress. Although it’s not the style of dress I’m looking to wear for my ceremony, it’s a dress that I’d change into as my second look for the reception.
David’s Bridal was my first stop, when I decided to go seek inspiration and ideas on wedding dresses. I previously wrote about this experience on another post. In short, I wanted to stop by one of their stores because it’s a one-stop-shop that offers a great in-store experience, dresses for every event and may I add, cute bridal accessories. While I didn’t schedule to specifically try on dresses, I went into their store for a good browse down their aisles to get a good sense of it all and play dress up with their accessories. Their assortment of little white dresses caught my eye and I knew I had to try out a look, potentially for my reception.
My favorite was this lace mini with a high-low skirt. What I loved most about the dress was the lace detail and the overskirt that flows and creates movement when I walk. It had a nice fit and complemented my figure. This dress would be perfect for the dance floor and light and easy to wear all night long. The overskirt would be fun to move and spin in. I want to dance the night away so this is a bonus for me. I think this look is super versatile and can be worn as a wedding dress, reception dress, or possibly even a bridesmaid dress, if you’re going for an all-white party. For this look, I sparkled myself from head to toe in David’s Bridal accessories. I normally like to stick with gold, but I couldn’t resist their gorgeous silver jewelry that I think went perfectly with this dress, including the shoes.
David’s Bridal has been very inspiring for me during my wedding journey. The excitement kicks in every time I visit!
Now, to wear a second look or stay in my wedding dress?

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This post is sponsored by David’s Bridal.

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