I’ve tried CBD in the form of oil drops and body cream. It’s not something I necessarily consume daily; rather, it’s something I consume selectively, mainly on days when I especially feel I need to relax, calm the mind, and/or when my body aches. One thing I haven’t tried, was a CBD massage! Mike and I were both complaining to each other about how overdue we were for a massage, hoping one or the other would break out with oils and masseuse hands – no way, in our dreams! We didn’t have the slightest energy for that act of kindness to each other, so we decided to book in a couples massage and  try out a new place called Desuar Spa in downtown Los Angeles.

The spa is underground and we walked into this very moody space that straight away gave us a sense of relaxation. We were greeted with a wine glass (bonus points) and then welcomed us with open arms into the room where we both received our massage. We decided to upgrade our Swedish massage experience by including CBD oil. We both got massaged from head to toe (I didn’t mind some CBD on my scalp and hair as I wanted to feel the full-on experience).

The moment we were finished and walked outside, our bodies felt as light as feathers. We were both floating on our way to our car and felt ultra relaxed, even as we made our way through chaotic streets of dtla, we were not bothered. Based on my experience and the person who massaged me, a CBD massage is something I’d absolutely try again! Just hitting the words CBD on my keyboard, is kinda relaxing my shoulders – sense memory!!

Everyone at Desuar Spa was very kind and professional. Whenever I’m in the DTLA area, this is a place I will definitely consider, especially after a long day of work! Me-time done right.

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