I never really thought this moment would actually happen but I went to NYFW! Of course, I’ve put thought into going to this big fashion event in New York, especially when it came around to February’s and September’s IG feed, but I wasn’t really sure if I’d actually go. I had mixed feelings about it and wasn’t exactly sure if it would be for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my fashion! Although I consider my fashion to be casual and achievable, mixed in with higher end pieces, I do consider it more on the casual side. NYFW is more high-end and can be a bit abstract compared to everyday-wear.

I’ve had conversations with several blogger colleagues who’ve been to this event, and they’ve expressed how it can get quite hectic and tiring.  To be honest, that did not sound very appealing to me. On the other hand, they’ve also told me about the positives. I’ve heard that it’s fun, a great way to meet people, see the latest collections and trends in fashion, and more. These positives were encouraging for me. I deep down knew that I had to experience it, at least once, to really judge for myself. I knew that if I’d go, I’d go under my terms, which included: 1.) have a fun time (not feel the need to have to attend every show and event), 2. go for the sole purpose of supporting and watching the shows (not for the attention). I’ve heard that it can be a bit about “being seen” and not really about “seeing the shows,” so I wanted to make sure my intentions were for the right reasons.

This all happened last minute for me. Typically, a blogger/influencer prepares ahead of time for this big event. I’d say, at least 3 months in advance. With this in mind, I booked and literally decided to go 2 weeks before NYFW! Talk about spontaneity! In short, Mike had to go out to NY for work, which was during the week long event. I found my moment and decided to tag along! Additionally, we wanted to have a mini-getaway, so it made it even more perfect. I was fortunate to get invited to a couple events and few shows, considering it was all last minute. I went towards the last leg of NYFW so I didn’t get to go to the earlier shows; however, I’m very grateful for the ones I got to attend and felt like I got a good taste of it.

To my surprise, I had a pretty good time! I was so entertained and inspired by the designer’s shows. I went there with fresh and curious eyes. Being there in person, was even more exciting! I’ve seen it in the movies, magazines, and IG – so it was definitely a moment for me. As expected, there were those people in which you can tell are clearly there to be seen and those with a self-entitlement sort of attitude. Quite honestly,  it was all very entertaining for me to see. It was fun being an observer while sipping cocktails, what can I say!

What made my whole NYFW experience even more special, I have to add, was making it not just about the events, rather getting to hang with Mike in between. After all, we went to NY also for a mini getaway. We went to cool hotel bars, had the best food, had coffee-dates, romantic walks, visited central park, and even got to revisit the place that brought us together. All this made my experience extra special, relaxed, and effortless. I just love NY city and so far the times I’ve been, have been literally, magical!

Oh and finally, can’t forget my NYFW looks! All 3 of my looks were by Lucy Paris. You can scroll down to see them. I recently discovered this designer and immediately knew – this was it! All the pieces I tried on, just felt right and very me. I’d have to say from the three looks, my favorite was surprisingly the red dress. Red is typically not my color, but this dress was an exception!

Although this was just a taste of NYFW for me, I would totally go again! I’ve learned that I can still be me, wear what I love, and stay true to myself and style. I would hope that if the opportunity came again, it would be a little more planned out so I can also get to see the earlier shows. I would also remember to do what I did on the first time – to have fun, do things in NY not related to fashion week, and go for the shows!

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