I don’t want this to come across as another cliche list of goals kind of post, or like a spare of the moment New Year goals that will go forgotten with time. I’m doing this post as more of a challenge for myself. This is an important year for me with a wedding and other big life moments I’m hoping to achieve. I want to look back at this and see how far I’ve come, come December or 2021. I want to test myself and revisit this post to see what I’ve accomplished – from text to action. I’m a firm believer that there’s not a set rule as to when to set goals and re-focus your attention. This can be done in March, mid-year, whichever day! In fact, I think it’s good practice to do this more often than once. However, I do find somewhere between that end of the year and new year, it’s an exciting time to re-focus and re-list priorities. We are given a long holiday break after all – so why not use the time wisely!

I have three things I need to focus on this year, aside from the obvious – keeping healthy, exercise, etc. Last year these were goals I was “hoping for”, but this year is the year I’m serious about executing them and not taking them lightly like in the previous year. They are 3 big things in life that I’m excited for and want to achieve with ease, love, and stress-free. I’m going into this with an understanding that it will take some time and there will be some bad days. However, knowing there will also be some amazing and rewarding days!

Here we go:

1. Launch my second business – LIVE LOVE WEAR IT. Over the past year, I put this goal of mine, on hold. I’ve been focusing on my first business, all while trying to eat healthy, workout, maintain relationships, the life list goes on. It’s been on my agenda for quite some time. I really want to take this pending goal of mine into fruition. This 2nd business idea of mine is something I’ve actually thought of for a couple years now. I’ve started a business plan and have dotted down my steps to achieve this, it’s a good start! I can’t really say much just yet, but I want this 2nd business of mine to be your go-to for all your fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, and well-recommended product needs. This will not just be about me, rather about you. All I can say is, not to sound like a typical blogger, but really, subscribe to my newsletter. This is what this new business will entail. You’re gonna love it and will want to have Live Love Wear It as part of your inbox – that is my mission, to add value to you.
2. Own my first home.  Mike and I have began the convo on this one, last year. We really love where we live at currently. I gotta say, the apartment life has been good, especially living central to everything and walking distance to places we love. Living in the city, with amazing city views we are fortunate to have, has us very comfortable.  We are ready to get out of our comfort zone and begin a new chapter in our lives – becoming home owners. We are at a point where we are outgrowing our apartment and need more space. I mean, I need a room dedicated to my closet and beauty- kidding not kidding? My point is, we need extra space + I’d love a backyard so I can one day have a dog…and kiddos! The near future is definitely on the mind. Also, you know it’s time when you’re saving tons of photos on IG on interior decor and before and afters of homes. The home-buying itch is real! I can’t wait to home decor my home one day, and make it into a place where it feels like a vacation everyday – basically I wanna make it my very own oasis so I can be even more of a home-body!
3. Destination Wedding. This is the year Mike and I are planning to get married! We are very excited for this, especially because we are so close to finalizing the destination and venue. We were going back and forth last year trying to decide on the destination which was giving me major decision fatigue. We now have a better idea and clearer picture of what we’re wanting for our day, which makes us feel so much more confident in our planning and so ready to send our “Save the Dates.” We would like for our destination wedding to be a fun and memorable celebration of our love with our friends and family. It will take some time and planning this year, which will naturally be a big focus for me. I just can’t wait for it to unfold and see it all come together.





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