I have to start by saying – David’s Bridal has the cutest bridal gifts I’ve seen! I recently explored their site to find gift ideas for my bachelorette. Although I’m several month’s away, I wanted to make a head start and search for gift ideas to surprise the girls on my bachelorette. 

My bachelorette will be one big celebration in … Vegas! I decided I would like to go the good’ol classic Vegas route. What’s not to love – they have the nice hotels, fun pool parties, shows, and …ok, I literally just looked up at my T.V. and what is playing? The Hangover movie!! I’m absolutely not kidding! Mike randomly put it on without knowing I’m doing a blog post talking some what about my bachelorette. Well, this must mean adventure awaits and perhaps good luck on blackjack – the only game I know how to play! Going back to my bachelorette, I want this moment to be fun, all about us girls, good words of wisdom, and celebrating our bond. These women play an important role in my life, so I plan on welcoming them with a gift bag each, to show them my love and appreciation for showing up. 

David’s Bridal made this so easy for me and I found the perfect pieces they’ll love. The gifts categories were precisely organized and easy for me to navigate. After wanting almost everything, I narrowed it down to my top three: personalized tote bags, calligraphy stemless travel tumblers, and robes with their first name initial. I had to get myself one of each as well! What made these items extra cute and special, were that they were personalized with their names. Plus, who doesn’t love a good robe with their initial? We will most certainly be getting ready together coordinated in our robes and waking up the next morning talking over coffee with good laughs about the day and night before. Moments I love! By the way, I also found a cute and humorous bridal survival kit that I had to get for myself for a good laugh. Most importantly, I had to get myself the “Bride to Be” sash – no doubt, I’ve got to represent!

I’m very excited to experience my bachelorette with the girls! I’ve always seen groups of them in Vegas celebrating the soon-to-be-wed girl with champagnes and now it will soon be my turn. These gift bags will be the perfect start to this fun trip – Viva Las Vegas!

This post is sponsored by David’s Bridal.

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