This has been a blog post I’ve had in the back burner for a few years. One of the questions I get asked often, is how I started my blog. Being the perfectionist and detail-oriented freak I am, I felt like this would be a long one for me because of all I had to share about my journey. I thought I’d have to put together visuals on visuals and a very wordy post to paint a picture of who I was before my blog. I wanted to make this specific post right, especially because I guess you can say I take pride in my journey and how I became a blogger. Years later, I’ve learned to kick that “perfectionist” wall down and just go for it!  So here I am. Don’t worry, this won’t be a 10 page story post, I’ll keep it as short as possible and to the point.

Before “blogger” was a thing, I had a passion and hobby for what a blogger does. In my earlier days, I used to take photos with my disposal + polaroid cameras and put them in photo albums (talk about old school). I don’t use this word very often but I was OBSESSED with taking photos of my daily outfits, my blue eyeshadow + glittery eyes, and “in the moment” poses. I did this as a creative expression and to physically have something I can look back at when I’d get older. I wanted to look back at my outfits and lifestyle. At this point, there wasn’t really a career option for this nor had the role ‘Blogger’ or Instagram/FB been born yet. There may have been other forms of blogging at the time, but not the kind we know of today in social media, fashion, beauty, etc. The career I wanted to pursue was music and film. I wanted to be the next pop-star (Britney Spears or Jlo) and an actress.

A few years after high school, I moved to Los Angeles to go to school and to pursue a career in music + acting. I was very focused in going to school, auditions, and writing music. By this time, blogging started to establish itself. At this stage, I wasn’t too familiar with it nor really into Facebook. I was so focused in my studies and career. I booked small roles in indie films, commercials, and created an EP. My 6 song bilingual album (it was half in Spanish and the other half in English) was one of my most profound pieces of work. Til this day, I take so much pride in it! It took me two years to complete. The songs were pretty awesome, in my opinion, and I still can’t believe I did that.

I got to perform my music around California, Vancouver, and started to prepare for a small tour I was working on. Additionally, I got some Spanish radio play, came out on the cover of a local magazine – things were looking bright. I cannot forget to mention, I art directed music videos to two of my songs. You can view them below – one of the videos is for my Spanish song called Electricidad (my favorite song I wrote) and my English song B.A.D (Beautiful and Dangerous).  This is such a throwback, this was baby ME! Ahh can’t believe I’m finally sharing these old creations of mine. These are videos I will forever look back at. They were a part of me and my personal + creative growth.

Press play:

I had so much love for music + acting and was so sure of what I wanted to be and had a clear vision of what I wanted my future to look like. The interesting thing is, I was so focused on this idea of being a pop star since childhood, that I disregarded other interests of mine. During all this – the training, making of my album, my performing, auditions – I would always find a creative outlet through taking photos. I would take photos of myself for my music, acting, and for FB + IG (beginning of IG days). Although, at this point, I was still not very active on IG or very familiar with blogging.

A year after performing around California at festivals, schools, and events, I started to lack heart, energy and love for what I was pursuing. It was during this time, right when I was working on booking a small tour, that I started to shift and stretch as a person. I wasn’t as excited to perform anymore. I almost didn’t want to accept that because of all the hard work I had put in to this point. Acting and music was very rewarding but it was also not consistent for me. The audition life and hustle was becoming too much for me. On top of that, I was still going to school during all this, and working at a part time job. It just became way too stressful and unhealthy for me. This was when I decided I had to make a change. I decided to stop pursing music and acting.

Soon after, Mike and I took a trip to Australia. This was where I had a major life moment to myself. This trip allowed me to reflect and figure out my next move. I was browsing more and more through Instagram and seeing bloggers posting outfit photos and lifestyle stuff. I remember thinking – have I been living under a rock!? How have I not been using this app and posting photos more frequently! I love creating content, styling, putting outfits together, sharing beauty and lifestyle – this felt so me because it was always me. It was exciting me. I want to say this was still at the beginning of blogger/influencer sprout, but not too new.

When I got back to Los Angeles, I was excited to make a start on this, while going to business school and working in marketing at a startup company. As I was venturing into these new fields, I again began to feel a sense of intense stress and a lack of happiness. Here I was balancing full-time school, a part-time job that felt like a full time job, and a new passion + business I was excited about and trying to squeeze in to my tight rest-less schedule. I remember going to work and daydreaming about my blogging. I was literally watching the clock so I can race home and well, work some more. I just wasn’t happy at my job anymore. I knew I had to make another big decision and quit my job to pursue blogging full-time.

With my savings and Mike’s support, I was able to give my full focus to blogging and creating content. It was during this time when I came up with my slogan “Live it, Love it, Wear It” and go figure – named my blog Live Love Wear It. I wanted my blog to mean something and represent what I want out of life. Giving my 100% attention to this, I was able to hustle like I wanted to and give more love to my blog + Instagram. I’ve grown so much since that first morning I woke up, as my own boss, with a cup of coffee and a notebook in hand, to begin this exciting new journey as a full-time blogger. I am still growing and only hope to continue doing so. I’m excited to continue inspiring through putting outfits together, sharing about skincare and makeup, my lifestyle, personal stories, and more. I love connecting on here and on my social platforms. It is my goal to continue adding value in some way.

This is how I started my blog. I basically was blogging since my teenage days without knowing it. It was a love, a passion, and hobby, that evolved  into a business. I’m happy I get to do what I love for work. It certainly keeps me on my toes, but I look forward to it every morning, like that first morning, without a clue on what I was doing, when I first began.

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