Mike and I have been finding ourselves constantly saying, ” we need new cookware!” We both do a lot of cooking from home and get really good use of it. It was on my to-do list for a while but I kept pushing this task to the back burner. Then, quarantine + lockdown happened, and as a result, gave us more time.

I found myself online for a good hour or two, researching away. This task was more challenging than what I thought. A few things I was looking for in our next cookware set: non-toxic, quality, and aesthetic appeal – without breaking the bank. The search went on, I even looked up well known and the best of the best in cookware, but surprisingly found tons of bad reviews. Some of the bad reviews with images, were just hard to avoid. I was trying to find a brand with a majority of good reviews.

Finally, I can’t recall which key words I typed into google, but I came across Caraway. This post is, in fact, not sponsored. I’m genuinely excited about this brand and my cookware set. Personally, I wish someone would’ve spared me 1-2 hours of research so that’s how this article came about. I wanted to share about this brand that I’m loving in my kitchen and think you will too. First thing that caught my eye was how aesthetically appealing the cookware set looked in the images. Once I clicked on their site and as it was loading, I was hoping and crossing my fingers, that the quality was as good as it looked and that the reviews would satisfy me. By this point, I was getting very close to giving up on my search. As soon as I arrived on their site, I was happy with everything I was seeing and reading. This brand was check marking everything I was looking for. I saw more good reviews than bad (the one or two bad reviews gave it 3 out of 5 stars – which is not that bad), the quality looked promising, and I loved that it was non-toxic, non-stick, and eco-friendly. To top it off, the price was just right for the cookware set and all it offered.

Mike and I were looking forward to our new cookware, especially during quarantine. When we got our package, the packaging and just everything was presentable and perfect (it comes with both table top and wall organizers for the pans and lids). I got my cookware set in the cream color. It comes in different color options. The cream color was my option as it goes well with my home tones. We’ve been using our set for a good week now and have zero complaints so far. The ceramic is smooth and nice to cook on. It came with a welcome guide on how to best use the cookware and tips on how to maintain the longevity of it. Quick tip: don’t use medal utensils as it scratches the ceramic surface, make sure to use wood or silicone utensils. Another tip, is to not wash it straight away when it’s hot. Wait for it to cool off. Lastly, just one other big tip, don’t put the stove on high, because the cookware heats up fast and stays hot for a long period of time. Keep it on low to medium.

The set they offer is the perfect kitchen collection. The only complaint I have is, I wish this brand offered a wider range of cookware and kitchen utensils because I wanted to buy more from them. Aside from that, this is a brand I’m excited to share about + happy to have found a cookware set that is healthy and works. For more on the brand, you can go here: Caraway.

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