It’s been a good while since I’ve done a skincare post on here. The reason being because I’m always rotating my products around. I felt that I would have to periodically update this, which made me come to the conclusion – why not!?

As you can see, I’ve titled this “Skincare April 2020.” I figured that I can do skincare updates here on the blog every few months or so, and title them with the month + year so that you’re able to browse on here easily and know what the latest is.

When it comes to my skincare product rotation, I like to be subtle and gradual, not be drastic with it – this tends to work for my sensitive skin. I like to stick to products for at least 3 months unless something is not working for me or my skin doesn’t respond well to a product. For example, I’ll rotate for 3 months 2 different cleansers, 2 different exfoliators, 3 eye creams, etc. I’ll use Cleanser #1 one day, then Cleanser #2 the next day, and repeat. As long as it’s consistent, it works for me. I’ll bring in a new product to my routine to try out and X out another (the one that was the least effective for me or if I ran out of something, or whatever the reason is). This a good subtle rotation and flow for me. On another note, there are products and brands that I use for a year or more.

I’m not a skin expert but working with brands and attending events, I get to learn and be educated about their latest products and launches. One of my duties, is to be that middle person between the brand and my readers/community, and inform you about the latest. I basically get to be your guinea pig who tests these products out for you. It’s my pleasure to do so and I enjoy sharing my experiences.

I come from a female dominant family who are in the beauty industry and they’ve taught me the importance of skincare since day one. I was certainly their very own guinea pig as a teenager. When they were going to beauty school or just starting out in their new positions, they’d test out everything from new eyebrow waxes, hair dyes, and skincare treatments. I recall having my first chemical peel at age 17 by my aesthetician aunt. I’ve certainly learned my do’s and dont’s at an early age, thanks to them. This is just a brief background on my humbled beauty/skincare beginnings and how it all began for me. I would need a whole other blog post dedicated to this topic. I’ll save that for another time.

We all want to look youthful and radiant, that is the ultimate goal. I can only share what works for me and my personal stories. Do keep in mind that everyones skin works differently; therefore, product performance and results can differ. We won’t really know until we try them out for ourselves. To give you more details about my skin type, I have combo-skin and my concerns are mostly with pores and dryness. I also have sensitive skin too so I typically try to steer away from fragrances. Lastly, I’m also always trying my best to naturally reverse wrinkles that will appear with time. Interestingly and just a little off topic here but – the way I feel about age is how most of us feel about genders, races, etc. – why does it matter? Unless, you see gravity, and wrinkles take a toll or if I’m being ID’d then well, you’ll know! One of these days, I’ll reveal it. For now, I’d like to keep it unknown and add a little mystery. Let’s just say, when I do reveal my age to people, their eyeballs pop out and they are in total disbelief, thinking I was an 18 yr old (c’mon that’s a little far-fetched but I’ve been told that) then I get embarrassed and regret telling them. It’s definitely a compliment being told you look younger than what you are but I’ve always felt (since a teenager) – why does age matter? As long as you’re happy, healthy, and skin is thriving – that’s all that matters.

I hope that these skincare posts will be of some guidance in discovering new products and will help improve your skin. Vice-versa, feel free to share with me about products that you’re personally loving and that I should try out + potentially include in my next product list.

These are the current skincare products I’m using as of April 2020 (also known as Quarantine/Lockdown month):

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