For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to give my site a new look. I’ve been putting off this task for the very reason of it being a big task, as far as the back end of things go. On the front end, my goal is to make my site valuable for you guys, easy to navigate, and aesthetically appealing (not overwhelming) to the eyes. After drawing up my ideas, writing down notes, and researching, I finally felt I was ready to begin the process.

I knew I had to begin by migrating from the web host that hosted my WordPress site to I was looking for a software that will seamlessly support my business and website building. With your website is hosted, secure, flexible, supported, and fast. This was IT! All the features I was looking for for my new site.

One of my biggest concerns was migrating my content (images + writings) to my new theme/software. I didn’t want to have to go through tons of old hard drives to find photos I posted through the years to re-publish. For my new website, it will be a clean slate for the most part, but I did want to bring in my top articles that I want to keep. I was so happy I got in touch with support because they changed my whole outlook on this. They were so helpful in guiding me and giving me tips and easy options to bring over old content to the new site/theme. I got incredible one-on-one support via email and chat – from WordPress experts.

Getting the Business Plan has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself and this new site. It allows me to do the “fun stuff” — share ideas, customize my site, etc. — while trusting my host,, to do the “boring stuff” like security and updates. Of course, if I get confused or something goes wrong, I know that has real humans who can help me make sense of the tech-talk and figure it all out. I love that it mostly takes care of the tech side of things for me so I can focus on creating.

For instance, one of the most challenging and surprising things that came up during my site migration process, was all the spam and malware that hacked my original site. It was so bad, I couldn’t even update or use the site any longer. Luckily, the premium site building and support teams were able to go in there and remove thousands of spam comments and start fresh on the new site. They came to the rescue and cleaned it all out in just a couple weeks! I knew my situation was unique and it made me a little nervous for the future of my previous content but the high touch customer service and expertise I received was amazing. With’s Business plan, I am rest assured that my new site will be free from all this. They will be handling the updates for me and block out any malware or spam from entering. 

As I continue to pick and choose content that I will be bringing over to the new site, work on doing some final design touches, and get ready for some new content – I’m very excited to see the finished look of it all! I can’t wait to share more and create a site that will provide connection, more value, and inspiration in fashion, health, beauty, home, and lifestyle. This is a project that I take pride in as it’s my new business venture in the making!

For those looking to start a new business or website, I one hundred percent recommend starting with and trying out their business plan. It gives business owners and freelancers a complete and flexible website that can grow with you in a number of ways, whether you need to add tools for marketing your business, e-commerce or selling online, running a community, offering subscriptions and memberships, and more. You can have a look at plans and get 20% off the 1st year on any of the plans with my code: BEATRIZ20

It feels so good to go from stress to stress-free in this process of building a website. I can enjoy the creative side of things and have it be an enjoyable journey. I hope this will be helpful and do the same for those looking to work on a new website or business.