It’s been about one month since I migrated to and launched my new site. Since I’ve been planning out and brainstorming the type of content I want to put out, I’ve been putting much thought into which topics, shopping + inspiration I want to create for it. I want to make sure there is consistency and something you guys can come to daily for. Simultaneously, I’ve been getting familiar with my new business site! 

I love that I’ve been stress-free since I migrated to My site before would get so much spam and I just couldn’t keep up with the updates. With my new business website, I get security and back-end support so I am rest assured and I can focus on the fun stuff + creativity. Another benefit about the Business Plan is that it has all the storage, security, speed, backups, and design essentials I need to do virtually anything online.

As I prep for upcoming content and explore all the amazing features that my new site has to offer, I’m excited to have an easy flow on things (both on the back and front end). To get an idea of what to expect from me on this new site, there will be more personal posts and curated style, home, beauty, lifestyle inspiration and shopping content. These are just a few things I have planned + more. I’m excited to have a space to connect in many different categories and offer as much inspiration and vacation-like life to your everyday!

I hope my new website experience will be helpful and inspiring for those who are looking to build a site of their own or have been thinking of a new business venture or simply want to update a current site. The Business plan is great because it allows you to do what you do best — share ideas, customize your site, grow and market your business, etc. — while trusting to do the “boring stuff.” And even if you get confused or something goes wrong, you know that has experienced, real humans who can help you make sense of the tech-talk and figure it all out. The Business Plan might be the greatest value out there for any business owner or freelancer, with $300 in monthly value (for only $300 / year).  You can have a look at their plans and get 20% off the 1st year on any of the annual plans with my code: BEATRIZ20 A business is an investment and not having to worry about something I shouldn’t and don’t want to, is worth it for me! 

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