The holidays truly get me in the mood for baking! At the same time, so much is happening during this time of year – lots of gatherings and events to attend, including some hosting at my place. As much as I love to bake from scratch, it’s realistically impossible at times and I need to opt for other options. The last thing I also wanna do is go to a grocery store!

A quick and easy cake solution (aside from buying a cake): Don’t under estimate the power of cake-mix. In fact, I find them to be very tasty!! This is a good old classic cake that is almost always a crowd pleaser. It requires barely any instructions and minimal clean-up. Tip: I sometimes mix-in frozen fruit or top it with fresh strawberries for a more custom taste and look. My favorite cake mixes are strawberry and moist french vanilla. My go-to frosting is cream cheese whipped frosting. Other things I add on occasionally are – food colors, baking chips, and sparkle gel. Not only will I have a fresh last minute baked cake but my house will also smell like cake for the guests as they walk in ( thinking I made one from scratch šŸ˜‰ ). This is my easy cake fix that works all the time!

As for getting the ingredients without having to go to the store: a great option for me has been Walmart+. It’s a subscription that has so many benefits, including unlimited free delivery on fresh groceries and more ($35 order min. restrictions apply.) Another benefit is that I can find everyday low prices I love. Walmart+ has so many fresh high quality groceries and most importantly all my needs for last minute holiday baking! With unlimited free delivery, Walmart+ can make planning and prepping easier so that I can focus on enjoying quality time with friends and family. This has been a time saver for me! I simply jot down my grocery list from the comfort of my kitchen and purchase all I need online in a matter of 10 minutes or less. For that grocery item I forget, Walmart+ lets me order again and again, with no extra fees. This subscription has been a holiday essential for me. For those who are interested in learning more and trialing this subscription, you can do so by visiting to start your free trial.

Hope this will be helpful for your planning and impromptu holiday moments.

Happy (stress-free) holidays!

This post is sponsored by Walmart.

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