I’m usually one to keep to myself, set goals, and quietly work towards them; at the same time, I’m a firm believer in putting those goals out to the universe. A couple years ago, I created a post on “My Focus for 2020.” Out of the three focus areas I listed, I made one come true that year in 2020 (bought my first house), the other in 2021 (got married to Mikey), and one of them I decided to re-focus for the upcoming new year (my second business Live Love Wear It). Looking back at that post, I’m filled with gratitude, happiness, and even more inspiration. Three simple words also come to mind -“I did that!” I find that instead of having a ton of goals and dividing my attention to all these different areas, I’m able to achieve those key goals by narrowing it down. Focusing on less, is more effective for me. Every new year, I wan’t to focus in on what is most important to me for that given year.

These are my top 3 goals for 2022:

  1. Guest Bathroom + Backyard renovations. Mikey and I tackled 75% of our home renovations this year. It took about a year to fill our spaces with decor and furniture. In other words, it took some time before my house started to feel like home. For those who follow along on stories, may know that my couch took about 10 months to arrive. This past November, my living room just became complete! The spaces we have left to renovate are: the guest bathroom, backyard, and master bathroom. My goal is to tackle the guest bathroom early this year and the backyard by the Summer. The master bathroom will be the last renovation which may realistically get done by 2023. The more we complete and fill the spaces, the more it feels like home sweet home. I’m looking very forward to these projects!
  2. Invest in a property. From buying my own home and remodeling it, made me realize how much of an interest I have in real estate. My goal is to have an investment property, maybe even properties, that I can have years from now. I’m open to the type and location – rather it be a cabin in the mountains, a vacation home in another state or country, or a property in California. I would like to explore more of this topic and find the right investment for me – a goal I’m excited to achieve!
  3. Work + live, smarter. This year, I want to work smarter by focusing on projects that matter to me and I find of value. I plan to be more selective and X out anything that doesn’t serve me or is a waste of my time. In other words, quality over quantity. This is something I’ve started to do over the past year and I’ve noticed a positive shift. I want to continue doing this and focusing only on those key projects. This also applies to life. We don’t have to do it all and commit to everything! I also plan to be more selective in my day to day choices, social events, gatherings, and overall time + energy. A reminder, it’s ok to say no. By using my time wisely, I will have more time for myself. I’ll be able to to do things like: read, learn, meditate, exercise, anything that brings me joy (aside from work). When I get to do things for my mind, body, and soul – I get to do and be my best in work and life!

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year! May we all be especially healthy, safe, and happy! x

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