From left to right: Wilkie Preston Downing Laurel Finch It’s about time I get myself some frames I finally feel excited about! When it came to eyewear, I was kind of oblivious to it. Friends and family found me to be squinting pretty often, especially when driving. I went through a few frames in theContinue reading “FINDING THE RIGHT FRAME X WARBY PARKER”


It’s that time of year again! I love the excitement of fashion and music coming together on this very occasion. Aside from the line up, parties, sing alongs, laughter, fun in the sun, and memories with all your favorite people…your free-spirit wardrobe is the flower on top! It’s always inspiring to see the many cute andContinue reading “COACHELLA INSPIRATION.”


Sometimes, you just gotta unwind and play some good ‘ol tunes. Getting a Crosley Vinyl Player, is the perfect treat to yourself. It’s your time to be in your own little bubble and to seek inspiration especially after a long day or my favorite time…Sunday mornings! The feeling of music coming from a vinyl recordContinue reading “VINYL JUNKIE.”


Guys, Here’s a little tip…Go BIG this Valentine’s Day. Expectations are higher than ever and it’s the best excuse for splurging on the sweetest things. You can get creative with roses by getting the Hanky Panky Rose Bud Set . Every girl loves a good smell, especially a Cartier Fragrance – you also can’t go wrong with DiptyqueContinue reading “BE MY VALENTINE.”


Yay for Cyber Monday! It’s the perfect time to holiday shop for family and friends. We all love to give and receive presents. You’re just a click away from making your favorite selections. So convenient and fun! I’ve selected some of my favorite gifting ideas for both male and female, all across the internet. Let’sContinue reading “CYBER MONDAY.”


While walking down the LA streets, in my Topshop denim-dress overalls, I encountered this wall filled with colorful pastel-looking spots. The weather was kinda dull and these colors just bounced right off the wall. It reminded me of a makeup eye-shadow palette and dream filled lipsticks. Inspired by the spottie dottie colors, I will share someContinue reading “SPOTTIE DOTTIE.”