Denim. Denimmm…

Denim is one of my ultimate favorite pieces of clothing. I can talk about denim for days and wear it for days! They’re the most versatile of the bunch and it’s so timeless.

I decided to pair up my denim with leather skinnies and my Free People oxfords (similar). Big love to the zippers on the knees of my skinnies! It gives my denim look more edge.

Denim Jackets are made for all seasons. However, during the cooler days, it’s the perfect time to get one with faux-fur around the collar. It adds a little extra warmth and cool vibe.

It’s denim baby! EDGE4ZIP3sup3 SIMILAR LOOK:



There’s something unquestionably sexy about wearing nude tones.

I recently got these nude booties from Public Desire – they are super cute to pair up with a matching nude trench coat or faux-fur…in addition to many other looks. Of course you have to have your basic must haves – black and brown booties. This is certainly a differing fun color to add to your closet yet it’s still in the basic family and can go with many outfits.

Nudes never go out of style and it certainly is desirable. DANCECAT7REACH1 WEARING: Public Desire Boots | Topshop Jeans | Brandy Melville Faux-Fur Coat



Yay for Cyber Monday!
It’s the perfect time to holiday shop for family and friends. We all love to give and receive presents. You’re just a click away from making your favorite selections. So convenient and fun!
I’ve selected some of my favorite gifting ideas for both male and female, all across the internet.
Let’s cyber shop!




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This outfit really brought the western gal outta me.

I came across the old famous route 66 and couldn’t resist feeling so flirty and western in my ensemble. The setting really gave my look, all the right vibes.

You can wear this look to many places – like on road trips with friends, farmers markets and festivals. I especially love wearing brown tones, it’s been a staple color for me this fall.

The details of the outfit are visually vintage but yet they’re so modern. The top has a 70s vibe. The belt buckle has a silver western design to it. The hat of course, is very cowgirl chic. Denim is always the foundation. Lastly, the faux-leather boots were truly made for walking!

The wild wild west look is complete. Howdy!

BOOTS1SEXYSIDE1BABY3boom7LIGHT5HAT4HEY1Wearing: Similar Zara Top | Similar Zara Boots | Similar Urban Outfitters Hat | Topshop Jeans




I finally made it to the good ol’ Grand Canyon. (An over 2 million year old natural wonder of the world)…AMAZING!

It was definitely a destination in my travel bucket-list. A 7-hour road trip from LA and it was totally worth it. Loved driving through the dessert and seeing the sunset, as I arrived.

When I got to the South rim, I experienced the upmost breath-taking views. If you glimpse down, you’ll definitely feel those chills! Somehow, I became kinda bold and was sitting ALMOST near the edge – and that’s as far as I’d go!

The rocks were glistening with vibrant reddish-purple tones. I straightaway felt this calm and free-feeling energy all around and within me. It’s rare for me to feel extremely calm, being a girl from the city!

I have to add, being a fan of Britney Spears, the scene also reminded me of Britney’s “Not yet a woman” music video. Plus, I was wearing flared jeans one of the days!…

Oh and I encountered the cutest elk ever!




While walking down the LA streets, in my Topshop denim-dress overalls, I encountered this wall filled with colorful pastel-looking spots.

The weather was kinda dull and these colors just bounced right off the wall. It reminded me of a makeup eye-shadow palette and dream filled lipsticks.

Inspired by the spottie dottie colors, I will share some of my favorite luscious lipsticks and shadows.




My choice of book for the holiday season is…#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I must admit, I’m a lil late on reading this book. Though, it’s perfect timing to gear me up for the new year!

Looking forward to reading this bestseller that will self-empower in all that you do. I hear it’s a perfect read for any stage of your business, creative ideas and an overall great source of inspiration.

Happy Readings!

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 7.38.30 PMSHOP BOOK (best price):


<![CDATA[This place is hands up a new fave in the LA neighborhood!
An enthusiastic first time goer, I visited the Juice Served Here Santa Monica location.
As you make your way in, you are welcomed by these beautifully displayed plants against the wall. (By the way, plant goals and a decor idea). The ambiance felt, straight away, friendly and relaxing.
Couldn’t make up my mind in selecting a juice, so I went with the juice flight. It’s a mixture of pastel looking juices. Felt like I was wine tasting but in a juicy-healthy kinda way! My energy literally went from 0 to 100…real quick! After tasting some of the juices, I found my self a personal winner. The ‘Cream Party’ and ‘Tres Leches’ were my ultimate fave! Hard to believe something so yum, is healthy!
I’ve been trying to make juicing my daily morning ritual. I’ll usually try to DIY-it; buuut, on the real real, there’s nothing like an on-the-go treat from Juice Served Here.
It’s for your health!
naynay1smooth2juices8hair7Wearing: Urban Outfitters Shoes, Similar Denim Shorts , Similar White Top, Similar Vintage Belt




As much as I love silver, I’ve been switching it up by pairing gold pieces with my outfits.

You can make an all black outfit less dull by complimenting it with a fun vest and simple jewelry. Golden rule for me is…If I already have a sparkly piece on (like my vest), keep the accessories simple. So I added a basic black belt with a hint of gold and a few rings.

Black & gold everything is my new all black everything…

I must add, those strappy-black shoes have also been everything!

BUTTGOLDbluebgWearing: FreePeople Shoes,TOPSHOP Jeans, Similar Urban Outfitters Vest

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