Word is, there’s a new beauty must-have on the block….the DAFNI Hair Brush!

I’ve been testing out the brush for almost a month now, and I gotta say, straightening my hair has never been easier! You simply brush your hair as you begin to see it smooth out with every brushstroke. Due to DAFNI’s ceramic coating and protective structure, you can use it exactly as you would with a regular brush with no fear of burning your scalp or damaging your hair.

I find it more fun straightening and styling my hair with the DAFNI Brush compared to the traditional hair straightener because with the traditional, you have to use both a brush and flat iron to make it straight, which is a lil more time consuming. Although, to give love to both old and new straighteners, you can also combine both – depending on the style and look you’re going for. You can start by brushing your hair using Dafni and do the finishing touches using the flat iron…skies the limit!

The DAFNI brush is especially perfecto for on-the-go and everyday styling. It’s a time saver and big BONUS… safe for daily use! It is innovative, incorporates the most advanced hair care technologies, ensures easy, safe and fast results….Something to love!

Step 1: For best results, be sure to have dry hair, no damp or wet hair.

Step 2: Brush slowly, in a pulling motion.

Step 3: Make sure your hair gets deep into the inner area of the brush.

For more deets and to watch a video of ‘How to use the Dafni Straightening Brush’ – check out, here. Ready-Straight-Go!

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