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This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own.

I purposely waited til the end of September to start shopping Fall things! As much as it’s my favorite season, I wanted to savor the last bits of Summer. However, I can’t believe how quick people and brands are transitioning to cozy season! I find that now (Summer officially being over), is a good time to begin my inspiration and shopping. I’ve recently added some home items to my wishlist from Walmart that I think will make a great addition to the vibe I’m going for. I’m going for muted colors with some earthier tones here and there. My excitement for decorating is on another level!

Walmart+ is the ultimate membership! Not only have I found somethings for the home but I also get some amazing benefits. From saving over $1,300 a year on grocery delivery, shipping, fuel and more*. One of my favorite benefits is getting a 6 free moths of Spotify Premium (ad free). **FYI: this is not available to W+ trial members or Spotify users who have tried Premium**. The benefits keep getting better and it’s a must have for the best way to save even more when you shop at Walmart. If interested, learn more about the membership here: Walmart+ *Compared against 2 deliveries/wk at non-member $7.95 fee + 2 Walmart.com orders under $35/wk at non-member $6.99 shipping fee. Restrictions apply.

For those who are also interested in getting some Fall inspiration from Walmart, I’m linking 7 items I currently have on my wishlist:

  1. Fall Garland
  2. White Pumpkin
  3. Wooden Pumpkins Banner
  4. Luxe Faux Fur Throw
  5. Faux Fur Pillows
  6. Autumn Wreath
  7. Candle Holder


This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own.

Somethings I’m looking forward to this Summer – making good use of my pool, al-fresco dining (especially in my yard), going to the beach, and sunset hiking! It’s very tempting to always wanting to be doing something in the outdoors, enjoying the sun, feeling like I’m on vacation everyday, and just making the most of every warm/hot day! A goal of mine this Summer, has been to renovate my backyard. We’ve made somewhat of a start but are still in the early stages of bringing it to life! For now, I’m still living it up in the yard and exploring the outdoors. Hiking has been one of my favorite activities (during sunset hour). When it comes to my hiking gear, I’ve been stocking up on some very good Walmart finds!

I’ve been finding the cutest and comfiest workout sets and Summer styles from Walmart Fashion. For this hiking day look, I wore my blue seamless ribbed set which is everyday wearable for errands or WFH but also something I can get active with. The workout set, in addition to the water bottle (the tan color is everything) and fanny-pack, I got all for under $35! I thrive on scoring something for less but that also has a luxe appeal or quality to it. In fact, a lot of the items from Walmart have been propelling me into Summer. I’ve been finding some good hiking gear, pool inflatables, SPFs, and have even been browsing their backyard furniture for when my backyard is ready and renovated! Walmart literally has you covered in so many categories. I’m linking a few additional sets that I loved from Walmart Fashion and will be saving for my next order!

*Activewear Set 1, Set 2, Set 3.


This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own.

One of my favorite things to do in this world is go on a road trip. I feel very adventurous, I get to see a lot along the way with pit stops and driving passenger side (sorry Mikey), and I get to reflect! The only downside I can think of right now, are the insane gas prices. On the upside (there’s always an upside), I’m really *pumped* to share about what’s coming next.

Here are a few road trip essentials:

  • WALMART+ membership (the upside), if you have not looked into this, you definitely should! This membership is getting bigger and better. W+ members will now save up to 10¢ per gallon at Exxon and Mobil gas stations, and at select Walmart and Murphy gas stations*, in 48 states across the country.*“Fuel discount varies by location & station, subject to change.” It’s very simple to claim the fuel savings in the Walmart app. On top of the fuel benefit, you still have access to member pricing at more than 500 Sam’s Club location and get free unlimited grocery delivery from Walmart stores on fresh, high quality groceries at the same low prices as in store ($35 order min. Restrictions apply). This has come in handy for the week long road trip ahead! Linking the details on this membership: here.
  • Healthy snacks – My car isn’t the only one needing fuel – me too! It’s very easy to make pit stops at random locations and pick up some junk snacks out of desperation. It’s been a long time habit of mine, to stock up on my favorite healthy snacks (before the road trip) from stores I would normally shop from (like Walmart)and opt for healthier (guilt-free) snacks. Oh and don’t forget water – biggest essential! Fill up those water bottles!
  • A good playlist – I like to also plan ahead for this and put together my song list along with Mikey’s favorites, so we can both sit back and relax through the car ride. I rather use my brain to reflect on other things instead of the next song! Use your car ride time, wisely!

Anyone else going on a road trip this Summer?

Side note: My road trip outfit is also from Walmart. Linking items and similar items below!

Denim Shorts, Similar Denim Shorts, White Tank Top, White Linen Button Up, Similar Linen Top, Similar Cap, Similar Bag, Sneakers.


I’ve come to realize that to make modifications to my lifestyle, I need to start with small, meaningful, yet consistent habits – realistically speaking. I believe everyone has their own pace and system going that will help achieve a certain goal. As we all know, some goals are quicker to achieve than others and some take consistency, until it becomes second nature. A fresh new year gives me the motive to reevaluate my lifestyle and think how I can make it even better! These are a few habits I’d like to embody more and be consistent with for a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Gratitude. I’ve been practicing this more over the past year. I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like to be but this is something I want to integrate as part of my lifestyle. The times I’ve practiced gratitude in the mornings and nights (even throughout the day), I have felt amazing and grounded. I feel that my list of things to be grateful for, grows even longer! To help with my practice, I have placed a little pink rock on my dresser, next to my bed, to remind me before I go to bed and when I wake up what I’m grateful for. This works, trust me! So before I go to bed, I think about one thing or more that happened to me on that day that I loved the most. In the mornings, I say the things I’m grateful for before starting my day. In time, I feel that this will become second nature for me.
  2. Smoothies. I need more smoothies in my life. This is one of those goals that I’ve accepted won’t be a daily thing for me (for now). However, I’ve come up with a solution that can gradually get me there – setting a goal of 2x smoothies a week. This is a good start for me. My schedule can get quite hectic during the week, so this will be a realistic and progressive goal. I know this can be an easy lifestyle integration to some but I am not an AM smoothie person, I’m an AM coffee kinda person. I prefer my smoothies in the afternoon (which is the busiest time for me). This is one in the works for me; in the meantime, I’m happy with this small goal I’m committing to. I’d rather have some consistency, than nothing!

For those busy weeks, one thing I can’t make an excuse for is not having the ingredients or time to shop! My Solution for those last minute ingredients is my Walmart+ membership (a membership by Walmart that helps you save more time & money). With free same-day delivery from your local Walmart store, you can get fresh groceries & more delivered as soon as today, at the low prices you love. Another benefit about this is that they offer free shipping, no order minimum! (Excludes most Marketplace items, location & freight surcharges). The best part for me is that I don’t even have to go to the store! I can get stuff done while my fresh fruits and veggies come straight to my door to make my smoothie. My Walmart go-to’s for a green tropical smoothie are: kale, cucumbers, green apples, coconut milk, coconut water, and celery. Truthfully, I barely get to set aside time to make a smoothie, going to the store to get dedicated ingredients is the last thing I would want to do. I love that this membership helps me achieve this goal! It’s very convenient to have. If you’d like to learn more about the Walmart+ membership, you can do so: here

3. Meditation. I began meditating around the year, 2017. It was a game changer for me! Around this time, I was very consistent with it and I remember feeling so much peace and calmness. I wouldn’t get bothered or annoyed easily. It took a lot to upset me or to break me out of my peaceful state of being. Aside from all the wonderful benefits, I just felt like it taught me to be more in touch with myself and my emotions. I now have better control, better breathing, and know what to do when I feel off or have any bit of stress and anxiety. Presently, I feel that I don’t do this as often as I’d like to (daily). I usually meditate when I’m feeling off but I think it’s important to do this consistently (not just on off days), to be more effective. I have an app for this as well and I plan on meditating at least every other day to get those benefits!

Excited to incorporate these practices and see an even healthier shift in my lifestyle!

This post is sponsored by Walmart.


I’m usually one to keep to myself, set goals, and quietly work towards them; at the same time, I’m a firm believer in putting those goals out to the universe. A couple years ago, I created a post on “My Focus for 2020.” Out of the three focus areas I listed, I made one come true that year in 2020 (bought my first house), the other in 2021 (got married to Mikey), and one of them I decided to re-focus for the upcoming new year (my second business Live Love Wear It). Looking back at that post, I’m filled with gratitude, happiness, and even more inspiration. Three simple words also come to mind -“I did that!” I find that instead of having a ton of goals and dividing my attention to all these different areas, I’m able to achieve those key goals by narrowing it down. Focusing on less, is more effective for me. Every new year, I wan’t to focus in on what is most important to me for that given year.

These are my top 3 goals for 2022:

  1. Guest Bathroom + Backyard renovations. Mikey and I tackled 75% of our home renovations this year. It took about a year to fill our spaces with decor and furniture. In other words, it took some time before my house started to feel like home. For those who follow along on stories, may know that my couch took about 10 months to arrive. This past November, my living room just became complete! The spaces we have left to renovate are: the guest bathroom, backyard, and master bathroom. My goal is to tackle the guest bathroom early this year and the backyard by the Summer. The master bathroom will be the last renovation which may realistically get done by 2023. The more we complete and fill the spaces, the more it feels like home sweet home. I’m looking very forward to these projects!
  2. Invest in a property. From buying my own home and remodeling it, made me realize how much of an interest I have in real estate. My goal is to have an investment property, maybe even properties, that I can have years from now. I’m open to the type and location – rather it be a cabin in the mountains, a vacation home in another state or country, or a property in California. I would like to explore more of this topic and find the right investment for me – a goal I’m excited to achieve!
  3. Work + live, smarter. This year, I want to work smarter by focusing on projects that matter to me and I find of value. I plan to be more selective and X out anything that doesn’t serve me or is a waste of my time. In other words, quality over quantity. This is something I’ve started to do over the past year and I’ve noticed a positive shift. I want to continue doing this and focusing only on those key projects. This also applies to life. We don’t have to do it all and commit to everything! I also plan to be more selective in my day to day choices, social events, gatherings, and overall time + energy. A reminder, it’s ok to say no. By using my time wisely, I will have more time for myself. I’ll be able to to do things like: read, learn, meditate, exercise, anything that brings me joy (aside from work). When I get to do things for my mind, body, and soul – I get to do and be my best in work and life!

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year! May we all be especially healthy, safe, and happy! x


I rarely ever did the hosting thing until I moved from my apartment in LA to my first home earlier this year. Now that I have a bigger space and yard, and lots of family near by, I’ve become quite “the hostess with the mostest.” In a year, I’ve learned a lot about hosting. I got to learn the do’s and dont’s, what works for me and what doesn’t. Most importantly, I’ve learned what my hosting style is, so that I can personally enjoy the party as well! These are 3 essential tips I have on hosting:

  1.  Think ahead of the obstacles that may arise, find solutions, execute. I like to think and find solutions to obstacles that may arise and try to find ways to avoid having less people asking where this and that is (basically the more seamless the party goes, the more I can personally enjoy it).The goal is to have an easy flow of execution and party time! For example, have the things that people most request easily accessible like: napkins, spoons, plates, cups, water etc. create a pretty little area for them so they can feel welcomed to grab. Another obstacle can be needing some last minute ingredients, extra food stuff for last minute guests, and/or party related stuff. The last thing I know I want to do is waste time going to a grocery store. Having a membership like Walmart+ has been super beneficial for me for times like this! For those who aren’t familiar, Walmart+ is a membership program by Walmart that helps you save more time & money. With free delivery from your local Walmart store, you can get fresh groceries & more delivered as soon as today, at the low prices you love. Another benefit about this is that they offer free shipping! ($35 order minimum. Restrictions apply.) Having an app like this accessible for any last minute needs has been essential as a party host, especially during the holidays. I get to spend my time doing other things and more quality time with friends and family. If you’d like to learn more about the Walmart+ app, you can do so: here. I like to have solutions to possible problems that way the day feels more at ease for me. By planning ahead, execution will be seamless!
  2. Charcuterie Board! This is a non-negotiable for me. Not only do I personally enjoy making charcuterie boards but people also really seem to enjoy these. It’s no doubt a party favorite! You get so many little flavors and options on a board, there’s something for everyone. They are so easy to whip up, throw some flowers, leaves, or something creatively decorative – you’ve got yourself something presentable and something for people to mingle over with wine. You can’t go wrong! Shop my charcuterie board Walmart ingredients: sweet potato pies, blue cheese, whole cashews, red grapes, jalapeno stuffed olives, and a ready to go cheese board tray
  3. Create a mood-board. I do this usually on Pinterest or on Instagram. This is something that brings joy to me, as a host, the setup and decor part of the party. Themes and color schemes – I love to get inspired by searching ideas on different platforms. I create a folder and add all my favorite ideas of table setups, aesthetics, food and more all into one place. Finding so many cute and aesthetically appealing ideas, gets me very inspired and excited to plan. Then, I create a list of the essential things I would like for the party. This helps keep me organized and check mark one thing at a time on my list.

Hope these are all tips that will help ease your next hosting moment, especially during the holidays!

This post is sponsored by Walmart.


The holidays truly get me in the mood for baking! At the same time, so much is happening during this time of year – lots of gatherings and events to attend, including some hosting at my place. As much as I love to bake from scratch, it’s realistically impossible at times and I need to opt for other options. The last thing I also wanna do is go to a grocery store!

A quick and easy cake solution (aside from buying a cake): Don’t under estimate the power of cake-mix. In fact, I find them to be very tasty!! This is a good old classic cake that is almost always a crowd pleaser. It requires barely any instructions and minimal clean-up. Tip: I sometimes mix-in frozen fruit or top it with fresh strawberries for a more custom taste and look. My favorite cake mixes are strawberry and moist french vanilla. My go-to frosting is cream cheese whipped frosting. Other things I add on occasionally are – food colors, baking chips, and sparkle gel. Not only will I have a fresh last minute baked cake but my house will also smell like cake for the guests as they walk in ( thinking I made one from scratch 😉 ). This is my easy cake fix that works all the time!

As for getting the ingredients without having to go to the store: a great option for me has been Walmart+. It’s a subscription that has so many benefits, including unlimited free delivery on fresh groceries and more ($35 order min. restrictions apply.) Another benefit is that I can find everyday low prices I love. Walmart+ has so many fresh high quality groceries and most importantly all my needs for last minute holiday baking! With unlimited free delivery, Walmart+ can make planning and prepping easier so that I can focus on enjoying quality time with friends and family. This has been a time saver for me! I simply jot down my grocery list from the comfort of my kitchen and purchase all I need online in a matter of 10 minutes or less. For that grocery item I forget, Walmart+ lets me order again and again, with no extra fees. This subscription has been a holiday essential for me. For those who are interested in learning more and trialing this subscription, you can do so by visiting Walmartplus.com to start your free trial.

Hope this will be helpful for your planning and impromptu holiday moments.

Happy (stress-free) holidays!

This post is sponsored by Walmart.


It’s been about one month since I migrated to WordPress.com and launched my new site. Since I’ve been planning out and brainstorming the type of content I want to put out, I’ve been putting much thought into which topics, shopping + inspiration I want to create for it. I want to make sure there is consistency and something you guys can come to daily for. Simultaneously, I’ve been getting familiar with my new business site! 

I love that I’ve been stress-free since I migrated to WordPress.com. My site before would get so much spam and I just couldn’t keep up with the updates. With my new business website, I get security and back-end support so I am rest assured and I can focus on the fun stuff + creativity. Another benefit about the WordPress.com Business Plan is that it has all the storage, security, speed, backups, and design essentials I need to do virtually anything online.

As I prep for upcoming content and explore all the amazing features that my new site has to offer, I’m excited to have an easy flow on things (both on the back and front end). To get an idea of what to expect from me on this new site, there will be more personal posts and curated style, home, beauty, lifestyle inspiration and shopping content. These are just a few things I have planned + more. I’m excited to have a space to connect in many different categories and offer as much inspiration and vacation-like life to your everyday!

I hope my new website experience will be helpful and inspiring for those who are looking to build a site of their own or have been thinking of a new business venture or simply want to update a current site. The WordPress.com Business plan is great because it allows you to do what you do best — share ideas, customize your site, grow and market your business, etc. — while trusting WordPress.com to do the “boring stuff.” And even if you get confused or something goes wrong, you know that WordPress.com has experienced, real humans who can help you make sense of the tech-talk and figure it all out. The WordPress.com Business Plan might be the greatest value out there for any business owner or freelancer, with $300 in monthly value (for only $300 / year).  You can have a look at their plans and get 20% off the 1st year on any of the annual plans with my code: BEATRIZ20 A business is an investment and not having to worry about something I shouldn’t and don’t want to, is worth it for me! 


For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to give my site a new look. I’ve been putting off this task for the very reason of it being a big task, as far as the back end of things go. On the front end, my goal is to make my site valuable for you guys, easy to navigate, and aesthetically appealing (not overwhelming) to the eyes. After drawing up my ideas, writing down notes, and researching, I finally felt I was ready to begin the process.

I knew I had to begin by migrating from the web host that hosted my WordPress site to WordPress.com. I was looking for a software that will seamlessly support my business and website building. With WordPress.com your website is hosted, secure, flexible, supported, and fast. This was IT! All the features I was looking for for my new site.

One of my biggest concerns was migrating my content (images + writings) to my new theme/software. I didn’t want to have to go through tons of old hard drives to find photos I posted through the years to re-publish. For my new website, it will be a clean slate for the most part, but I did want to bring in my top articles that I want to keep. I was so happy I got in touch with WordPress.com support because they changed my whole outlook on this. They were so helpful in guiding me and giving me tips and easy options to bring over old content to the new site/theme. I got incredible one-on-one support via email and chat – from WordPress experts.

Getting the WordPress.com Business Plan has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself and this new site. It allows me to do the “fun stuff” — share ideas, customize my site, etc. — while trusting my host, WordPress.com, to do the “boring stuff” like security and updates. Of course, if I get confused or something goes wrong, I know that WordPress.com has real humans who can help me make sense of the tech-talk and figure it all out. I love that it mostly takes care of the tech side of things for me so I can focus on creating.

For instance, one of the most challenging and surprising things that came up during my site migration process, was all the spam and malware that hacked my original site. It was so bad, I couldn’t even update or use the site any longer. Luckily, the WordPress.com premium site building and support teams were able to go in there and remove thousands of spam comments and start fresh on the new site. They came to the rescue and cleaned it all out in just a couple weeks! I knew my situation was unique and it made me a little nervous for the future of my previous content but the high touch customer service and expertise I received was amazing. With WordPress.com’s Business plan, I am rest assured that my new site will be free from all this. They will be handling the updates for me and block out any malware or spam from entering. 

As I continue to pick and choose content that I will be bringing over to the new site, work on doing some final design touches, and get ready for some new content – I’m very excited to see the finished look of it all! I can’t wait to share more and create a site that will provide connection, more value, and inspiration in fashion, health, beauty, home, and lifestyle. This is a project that I take pride in as it’s my new business venture in the making!

For those looking to start a new business or website, I one hundred percent recommend starting with WordPress.com and trying out their business plan. It gives business owners and freelancers a complete and flexible website that can grow with you in a number of ways, whether you need to add tools for marketing your business, e-commerce or selling online, running a community, offering subscriptions and memberships, and more. You can have a look at WordPress.com plans and get 20% off the 1st year on any of the plans with my code: BEATRIZ20

It feels so good to go from stress to stress-free in this process of building a website. I can enjoy the creative side of things and have it be an enjoyable journey. I hope this will be helpful and do the same for those looking to work on a new website or business.


There were a few exciting occasions coming up that I felt I needed a change of hair look. I took a long break from extensions before going back to them in November, last year. I used to get them all the time! So much, that I didn’t feel as confident without them nor did I want to go anywhere eventful without having on extensions. Overtime, not only did my fine hair demand the break, but I also wanted to learn to embrace my natural hair. And I did. I took about 5 years off, aside from wearing clips ons here and there.

I really feel those years I took off, I learned to love and embrace my own hair. My hair also got strong and healthy. Fast forward to now, I was ready for a change. Plus, I missed having Shakira hair! My real hair is on the fine side and the length is currently a little below my shoulders. It has been taking a little longer than usual for it to grow long, which is why I missed having the long length. I was also getting over clip ons. The timing was right and was ready to put extensions on again!

In November I tested out the tape ins, which I liked! I wanted to have long hair for my birthday. The only downside was that they didn’t last very long, maybe 6 weeks. I wanted to try another method. One day I was browsing IG and I came across Hairdreams. Their page made me fall all over again with hair extensions! Their quality of hair, work, and knowledge was obvious. I also have heard amazing things about them through hair stylists. All their beautiful hair content was calling my name and had me dreaming about them for weeks until I decided to connect with them. Originally, I wanted to get them for my wedding day but after having a phone call with someone from their team, I was recommended I should try them out first before my big day! This made sense because I didn’t’ want to try something new and get creative without knowing how I would love/style it, especially for a big event in my life. Although, I was almost certain, I would love! And so I did.

I went to the Hairdreams headquarters studio in Torrance, CA. Everyone was so friendly, professional, full of passion for their work, and made me feel so comfortable. The two amazing hair stylists that worked their magic on me were Erin and Rose. Both were so cool and fun!

This was what I got done: Laserbeamer Nano. Color blend. 16 inches.

I got them done in mid Feb. It’s been 2 months and they’re going strong! Not a single extension has come off. I got to have them on for my bridal shower, my sister’s baby shower, and a couple other events. I’ve been feeling so good in them. I love waking up with beautiful long and voluminous hair. What’s great about this style of hair extensions and hair quality is that it feels like my own hair. The way I got them placed, I’m able to do ponytails and updos. I would totally get them again for another time and special occasion rather it’s Summer, the holidays, vacation, or just because! Another great thing I want to note, they have their own special hair brush, shampoo, and conditioner. This has helped keep my hair soft, hydrated, and untangled. It’s also made my hair last this long. I was told they can last up to 3-4 months, depending on how good you take care of them. I’ll be going on to my 3rd month but it feels more like they’re 6 weeks old! I’ll see how I go the next month, but so far so good.

If you’re looking to getting hair extensions or have been thinking about it and want to get it right, I would recommend Hairdreams! Hands down.

Here is a video I created for IG REEL, clips of my experience and before/after looks: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CL5Kd8qg6xc/