Who says you can’t wear a scarf during warmer days? Scarves are a staple fashion item that you can wear all year long! Wearing lighter linen, cotton or silk scarves for the summer days will definitely lighten up your outfit. Scarves are so versatile that you can have different ways of wearing them like, on your wrist, hair, bag, neck and my fave… as a top!

To make your scarf a tie scarf tube top, here are the steps! First, you need a big square shaped scarf, grab the edges and fold it into a triangle (depending on the size, you may have to fold it twice to get the desired length for the top). I only had to fold it once since mine was a size small-medium. Put it around your back, hold the edges and wrap it to your chest. Adjust it so it covers up your lady bits and just tie it two times with a basic knot in the front. Voila! You’ve made a fun top!

These are my top five sexy-chic scarves this Tuesday:

  1. Pink Paisley
  2. Rose print
  3. Pink Geometric
  4. Palm Print
  5. Stripe with floral pattern


For this outfit of the day, I paired my scarf top with these black boho pants with the lace detailing to contrast the bright colors of the top. I also put on a subtle pink lipstick to not take away its shine. Lastly, I added some gold accessories for an elegant, classic look.

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