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It’s about time I get myself some frames I finally feel excited about!

When it came to eyewear, I was kind of oblivious to it. Friends and family found me to be squinting pretty often, especially when driving. I went through a few frames in the past because I found myself not genuinely loving them and losing them for that matter. Now, that all has changed!

I recently came across Warby Parker and seriously couldn’t be more happier that I did. They guide you through it all in the most convenient way. You can select 5 frames online of your choice, for 5 days. Shipping is provided and a box of your favorites are sent to you to try on at the comfort of your home. (They also offer Prescription) – Simply great!

Their frames are all so undeniably stylish that for once, I’m wanting them all! With the combination of needing glasses and a selection of lovable frames…I’m finally ready to find the right frame! With that said, I need to narrow it down to one. I would love any thoughts on which of the 5 looks you like best! You can also watch more about my Warby Parker experience on my Youtube Channel: LiveLoveWearit.

It’s for your vision!

Warby Parker Frames:


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