LA has been super cool lately and honestly, I’m loving it! One of the ups for me is of course…the cozy cool fashion we get to wear! This is no wonder why I’ve been wearing my leather pants by David Lerner NY on repeat on and off duty!

Ahh, you guys this brand you oughta look out for! Their pieces are minimalist essentials and major outfit staples! What I love about my leggings (called The Kendall Legging), in particular, are the quality (luxe fabrications) and that they’re vegan – I mean, score!! Plus, they are super versatile and can be styled many different ways! I styled my leggings with their David Bowie tee and my silver velvet booties for a lunch date in the LA arts district.

Have to add, these are one of my fave leggings I’ve owned, by far. They really keep my legs warm, compared to other ones I’ve owned in the past…another score!!

Can’t wait for David Lerner’s Spring collection – more pieces on repeat!


These are some other favorite leggings to check out:

1. Lace Up 

2. Tapered Track Pants

3. Barlow Lizard Leggings

4. Coated Leggings in Deep Shiraz

5. Half Ripped Leggings


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