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Just now, I literally applied some hand cream as I turned my attention from the TV back to my computer screen. This made me kinda giggle because as I applied, I re-read my title to begin this post…the Winter skincare survival… really is real!

Tis’ the season where my skin gets very very sensitive, dry, and sometimes even irritated. If you’re like me, you know this is not jolly at all! I get this common problem especially in my hands, face, and underarms. It is so easy to get side tracked and not pay attention to our skin until it’s itching for help.

Winter after Winter, I’ve been getting so much better at preparing for the change of weather and staying on track of these skin problems. I’ve found simple solutions that have helped me personally nourish the areas and protect my skin. I’ve also incorporated them to my beauty, fashion, and daily regimens.

The following are my 3 tips for Winter Skin Care Survival:

  1. Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant – I definitely have my Dove product favorites and this is one of them! I’ve been trying it out and I love it.  It provides 48-hour odor and wetness protection that it keeps me fresh all day. Smoother and softer underarms are the key benefits I get. I apply Dove Advanced Care in the mornings after I do my hair and makeup. I also bring it with me in my bag to apply later in the day. It’s a perfect travel size, (fits in most of my bags) otherwise, I leave it in my car.

Dove Dermatologist, Dr. Alicia Barba, shared – “Underarm skin is sensitive and an area that shouldn’t be overlooked. Textures and fabrics in sweaters, undergarments, and t-shirts can irritate the skin.”

Keep hydrated underneath all those layers!

  1. H20 – This is a key tip I often give! I must always have water by my side. Funny thing, I rarely see people around me, including friends and fam, having water or maybe it’s just me who gets extra thirsty for water. I’m that person who always has one drink of whatever and a glass of water with it. I keep a glass on my vanity and desk areas. I also take a water bottle with me in my bag, car, pretty much everywhere! I sometimes get dryness around the mouth and lip areas and this is essential for skincare surviving!
  2. Moisturizer – For all of the above! From hands, skin, to the body. I constantly find myself needing to moisturize especially my hands. Keeping moisturizers on my desk, in my bag, car, and makeup bags is super essential! I’m such a germaphobe, I tend to wash my hands a lot, so I’ve started to keep hand sanitizers around these common areas, as well, to minimize washing my hands. I apply moisturizer after to soften and hydrate.

Dove Dermatologist, Dr. Alicia Barba, shared – “Bed time is the best time to hydrate your skin. If you’re looking to decrease collagen breakdown, you may want to consider these three quick steps before hitting the hay: 1. Wash your face. 2. Apply a retinol. 3. Moisturize.”

Sticking to these basics have helped my skin through the dry Winter season! What are some of your favorite tips? Xx

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant.

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