Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

Day 1 consisted of a bad hangover, binge watching shows, and only getting up to get some Shake Shack to go…and I liked it! It was nice to stay in and have a day off (aside from the hangover)!

Day 2 is more like my Day 1! I’m feeling good and starting to get back into the swing of things! I also wanted to take a moment to reflect on the 5 things I learned in 2017. As I reflect, I’m so ready for 2018, starting fresh, and being the best me!

The 5 things I learned:

1. Be Healthy! It was the year I learned the meaning of healthy eating and actually took it more seriously. I’ve started to take more care of myself in this department by having more smoothies, remembering to have 3 good meals a day, healthy snacking, drinking more water, and taking my daily vitamins! I have a weakness for sweets so I had to also learn to minimize my portions (instead of 5 cookies, have 2!). I became overall more educated on food and have taken more action on making nutritious meals and exercising for a healthy lifestyle!

2. It’s ok to say No! I learned that it’s not the end of the world if you say ‘No.” It can be with a life decision, to a person, a work opportunity, anything! Time is precious. For me, running my business LiveLoveWearIt, is work from when I wake up, to when I sleep, that I absolutely love and do with so much passion! This past year, I’ve grown and become more sure of myself and what LiveLoveWearIt is about. I’ve learned that it’s ok to say no and to say it confidently.

3. Family is everything! I’ve always known the love and power of a family. This past year I felt it more than ever. It made me re-realize how AWESOME they are and I want to spend more time with them! These are the people who I wan’t to have more adventures with! Which brings me to..

4. Be grateful! Taking a moment to think about all that I do have makes me feel so grateful and grounded. I learned that I should take more moments like this on a more regular basis. This has also opened my eyes to seeing beyond me. I’d liked to be more involved with helping others and making our earth a better place.

5. Let it go! Like everyone, I experienced those ups and bumps in 2017. Loved the ups and learned from the bumps. More so, it took me some time to understand and learn to let go of those bumpy moments! To not dwell and let go what doesn’t serve me. Letting go means more happiness, self love, and shinning bright!

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