If there’s one look that always looks stylishly put together, makes you want to be healthy and active, and is comfortable…it’s one good work-out gear. One of my current favorites is my Reebok leggings and their latest PureMove sports bra.

For me, this look is my kinda look to run around LA and get things done! I personally feel cool, productive, and I’m ready for any sort of physical activity like hiking, going to the gym, running, or taking one of my work out classes. On this day, I was out and about in LA catching up on errands, as the sunset was approaching, I went for a last minute hike. I honestly thank my Reebok uniform for that energy!

Reebok is being a game changer with the release of PureMove. They’ve developed a bra that is both responsive and versatile enough to keep up with all the activities through a groundbreaking new fabric technology. It honestly feels like a second skin, so comfortable I forgot I was even wearing it. That’s pretty much the dream when it comes to sports bras which are usually so tight and uncomfortable. I also love that this sports bra is made for all shapes and sizes. They have 10 unique sizes available and I’m telling you… it is made for HER! Versatility at it’s best! Not just fashionably but also actively.

This blog post is sponsored by Reebok, all opinions are my own.

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