I received compensation from Dr. Scholl’s® to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own.

#advertisement One day, I plan on going to New York Fashion Week! Until then, I’m having fun getting dressy in LA.

I get very inspired during NYFW by all the looks going up and down the catwalks and the streets of New York. It’s during this time, I want to make a little extra effort to trade in my denim jeans for a dress and sneakers for a pair of heels.

Seeing all the cute heels on heels, I have no excuse to not wear my heels out and about. What makes it even more inspiring and literally, even more comforting, are Dr. Scholl’s Stylish StepTM Ball Of Foot Cushions for High Heels. They are life changing! Personally, that’s the part of my feet I struggle with most, when wearing heels. These insoles give me that support and feel super cushiony.

Mike and I had an evening of drinks and dinner. We had just got back from Europe and we were still on that holiday festive mode. I wore my flirty polka-dot dress with a pair of black and white heels to go with it. My Dr. Scholl’s insoles gave me long lasting comfort through the night. I was even ready to get “Along Came Polly” dancy! I really want to know where in LA I can find a good underground salsa dancing place!? The insoles had me moving and swaying comfortably for sure. Instead, we decided to go home and binge-watch some shows. To complete my look, I accessorized my outfit with some feathery lavender earrings and a mini chained handbag to match.

The insoles are super easy to apply. You simply peel and attach to heel. The insoles are placed inside the shoe towards the front of the heel (ball of foot area). Another big bonus is that they’re clear in color, definitely not visible or obvious. They’re definitely discrete so you don’t have to worry about a pop of color popping out! You can find them at Target in the foot care aisle near the pharmacy. You can save on Stylish StepTM at Target with this offer: here

It is definitely possible to look stylish, looking like you stepped out of NYFW, yet be comfortable! It’s the combo we all desire- to be glam and comfy. Wearing my heels on LALA just got even more fun!



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